Australian Funeral Directors

A Critical Choice

Where would we be without the services of this most vital of professions? How could we possibly cope with the emotional trauma of losing a loved one if we also had to worry about preparing the body, dealing with statutory authorities and making the funeral arrangements?

It would be a nightmare if not impossible for the vast majority of people, me included.

Australian Funeral directors, whilst savvy business people, are for the most part compassionate, gentle and well balanced. He or she must deal with people in their time of emotional turmoil and somehow create a semblance of order so that the deceased may be sent off in a manner which the family and friends find acceptable and dignified.

Funeral directors must often take the broken body of an accident victim and prepare it in such a way that the family will not even see the horrific injuries which caused the death.

The responsibility of organising one of the most important and memorable functions of a family’s history is equal to the task of the most experienced events organiser.

Let’s face it - if you stuff up a wedding, as bad as that is, don’t worry the couple will probably have at least one more during their lives. If you stuff up a birthday party there’s always next year. But a funeral, well some say you only live twice but we all know better. You die once and you get one funeral. That’s it, no 2nd chances, no repeat performance.

Funeral directors have to get it right first time, every time or the emotional consequences to the family and friends can be devastating. Add this to the emotional environment which the funeral industry works in and there is little wonder that there isn’t a line up of young people coming into the industry.

Australian funeral directors can be found via a search of the Funeral Industry Directory at which is an Australian death notice, funeral notice and obituary website.