Australian Funeral Directors Association

Never has there been a bigger need for a self governing body than in the funeral industry.

The Federal, State and Local laws governing death and funerals is so involved that for an individual to keep abreast of changes and compliance is almost impossible.

The Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA), with its National and State infrastructure, is a highly efficient and flexible organisation which is there to support its members and just as importantly to help the public on matters relating to funerals.

Simply by going to the Australian Funeral Directors Association website or linking through , a member of the public may find member funeral directors in Australia and also get unbiased guidance from the association directly.

Another vital role of the Australian Funeral Directors Association is the recruiting and training of people for the industry. Scholarships, courses, vocational guidance and support are offered by the national body in their constant effort to keep the industry at the forefront of the profession world wide.

Our standards in Australia are the envy of many other Western countries and this is in no small part due to the efforts of AFDA.

Each state has its own branch with elected officials and a communications network second to none. One could really not expect less from any industry which rates professionalism as their number one asset.

One of the best features of the association is its accessibility to the public and its willingness to help in any way it can.

The future of the funeral industry in Australia is in very safe hands and the legislators don't need to waste their time or effort in over governing an industry with the level of professionalism of the Australian Funeral Industry.

Simply by going to or you can access a wealth of information on whatever subject you want pertaining to funerals and obituaries.