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To Rove and all the family
Please except on behalf of my family deepest sympathy at the passing of your beautiful wife, friend, soul mate. Belinda made her mark in those who watched her in the public arena. An angel has got her wings today.

So sorry it was her turn to take her place.

Williamson Family
Seymour Victoria


Dear Rove & Family,
Belinda will be strongly missed through out Australia - she has battled long and hard and always been extremely strong - I don't think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face, she was also very happy to spend the last years of her life with you Rove. Please accept my condolences. In sympathy

Dannielle Richmond


Our deepest sympathy to Rove and the Emmett family,
Sadned by this morning's news but thinking of the happiness you have all shared, which i'm sure will get you through. Belinda was a brave woman and a strong woman and we are sure she passed happy because of the love and support that was between you.

keep smiling,
The Swansson Family


We were so saddened to hear of the passing of Belinda Emmett. Our sincerest condolences go to Rove and the Emmett family. Belinda fought a long and gutsy battle and will be sorley missed. She was a brave and beautiful woman who gave the world so much.

Once again, we are so sorry.

The McNab Family (NSW)


To Rove and families,

I was so sad and shocked to hear of the passing of Belinda. She was a beautiful girl and a fine actress.

On behalf of myself, my husband Craig and 2 daughters, we send out our heart felt, deepest sympathies to the Emmet family, close friends and most importantly Rove. The whole of Australia is thinking of you

Deepest sympathies
The Allen Family
Brisbane, QLD


To Rove and Family

Our deepest sympathy to you and the family, our thoughts are with you.

The Dunn Family
Adelaide (SA)


Dear Rove, family and relatives,

My sincerest and foremost heartwarming sympathy to you for your sad loss of Belinda. She was a passionate, loving, caring Aussie in our hearts. She will be remembered and her touching memories that she has inspired Australia will not be forgotten and it will live forever.

May the Lord bless Belinda and may her spirit be taken to a greater place. A true Aussie that we love shall not be forgotten.

With love and best wishes throughout this difficult time.

Sean Doyle, Brisbane QLD


We all know that with the gift of life comes the inevitability of death - but the news of Belinda’s passing filled me with real sadness. She was a woman for all women to admire. She was only 32.

As a lasting legacy, I hope that young Australian women remember Belinda’s brave fight, a fight fought with dignity; and that we are all vigilant with our health, remembering to get regular breast checks and pap smears.

Rest in peace Belinda, we will never, ever, forget you. My condolences to everyone who knew you, and who will always love you.

Fiona, Brisbane


I am very saddened to hear the passing of Belinda.
She was a beautiful, talented and loving woman who will be remembered dearly.
My deepest sympathies to Rove and familes and friends.

from Val (Noble Park, VIC)


Dear Rove and families,

My sincerest and most heartfelt sympathy to you all in your sad loss of Belinda. She was a brave, courageous woman and her memory will live on forever.

With love,
Green family, Perth WA


Dear Rove, Emmett family and friends,

On behalf of myself and millions of people whom have lost someone so young and beautiful send you our most deepest sympathy and condolences.

May you find the strength to get through this sad time and know that Belinda is at peace and she will always be watching over you.

love from
H Tzovaras


To Rove and Belinda's family and friends

so sad to hear of her death, may she always be remebered as the beautiful lady that she was. so strong. may her family always rember the good times and the lovely things she has done and even though she's gone still will do.


To Rove and both families

My heart goes out to all of you, Belinda was a courageous and brave fighter,
she will be sadly missed by everybody.

Sheila Pybus - Perth WA


Belinda, you were a smiling angel on Earth, and now you are a smiling angel in Heaven.

Your humility was something to be admired. You have shown us how to stay happy, even under the most difficult of circumstances. I will certainly never forget you, and I'm sure you will live on in many of us in the form of courage.

We are all thinking of Rove and of your wonderful family and friends at this very sad time.

God Bless and May You Rest in Peace


Dear Rove and Emmett family

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Rove McManus and all his and Belinda Emmett's family.
Our thoughts are with you at this extrmemly sad time. Our hearts go out to you.

the Naysmith family brisbane


She was a gutsy lady... Now at peace.. My sympathies to her family & friends..


She was a very special lady.. A fighter to the end.

My sympathies to Rove and her extended family.. She will be missed, but never forgotten

Sue WA


To Belinda's Nearest and Dearest,
A loss that can never be forgotten.
We can always remember.

Dorothy and Graham Bryant.


Dear Rove,

I am so so sorry. I am absolutely speechless. I am so sorry, It's just not fair Rove, just not bloody fair! Again I am so sorry, My thoughts are with you, both your families and all your friends.
Take care Rove,
Lots of Love,
Kathleen and William Medwin.


Words cannot possibly express our sadness and despair in hearing of Belinda's passing this morning. Our most heartfelt condolences to Rove and the Emmett & McManus families. Belinda was a most beautiful and unique soul and she will be so very sorely missed. May she rest in peace and her dreams continue on.

Love and respect from Jode, Tamara, Natasha and Melika. Our thoughts are with you all at this most difficult time. XXXX


Dear Rove and Family,

I woke up today too some very sad disappointing news. I hope your pain will become at ease in time . Just think, Belinda is now resting peacefully, One day I believe she will be resurrected just as jesus had risen. As I do not mean in this life time, but I am sure if you look around you, you wonder what is this world coming too and were is it all leading us ? even for the non believers out there, we all can sense something is coming that will free this world of sickness and despair . If you have a strong faith in god, he will see you through this terrible time in your life. I am not at all religious, as I to have watched a loved one pass in my very eyes from this terrible disease. So I truly feel your pain and sadness. I truly wish you well, and hope I have lifted your spirits on one of the worst days of your life Rove.

Lots of love,
And condolences,

Tina Delfino & Tavake Taeiloa,

Faithfully true fans of you and Rove live…


We are very saddened to hear of Belinda’s death. Belinda was such an inspiration to so many as she courageously fought her long battle with cancer. Remembering Belinda and thinking of Rove and Belinda’s family and friends at this most difficult time.

Ricks Family


Dear Rove, Family and Friends of Belinda,
Although I never knew Belinda in person, I felt a deep sadness when I was told of Belinda's death.
She was too young, too much of a fighter, too beautiful and too kind to be taken from you all.
I extend my condolences to all who knew her, to all who loved her and to all who thought of her.
I hope that you can all look at this time in a light of relief. At least now she can be at peace, with the memories of those who loved her to keep her comfort wherever she may be. I wish you all strength and courage during this most difficult time.

Sarah Edwards (Perth WA)


Belinda was a women with class and sophistication. She Knew how to present herself and always held her head up high. She is an inspiration for all women...
Deepest Sympathy to her family and her loving husband. The next few days will be the hardest, but with friends and family support times will get better

Love Always BMP


A beautiful young woman, gone much too soon. RIP Belinda and our deepest sympathy to Rove, your families and friends.


To Belinda’s family friends and her beloved husband rove we will miss Belinda and we will never forget her we are deeply sorry and pray that someone finds a cure for this disease that takes the lives of our families and friends, Belinda was an excellent actress it is sad that she is no longer with us god bless you all
from Michelle, Wayne, Roy, Brad, Rochelle


Dear, Rove and Emmet family and friends.

So young and beautiful and funny is Belinda. I hope everyone's thoughts and prayers take event the smallest edge off some of the hurt you are experiencing.

With deepest sympathy
The Marano family (Melbourne)