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Dear Rove , family and friend's of this beautiful kind loving lady BELINDA EMMETT ,
Our thought's are with you, may she rest above and rest in your heart's with love .

The Blaney Family.


I was very saddened to hear of the loss of Belinda even though i didn't know her personally, watching her on tv and seeing her in magazines, i know she was truly a beautiful lady inside and out. Rove, no words can ever bring your best friend, wife, soul mate back, but i just pray that through your family and friends you will get through this heartbreaking time. They say time heals, i don't think that’s always true hope it will be for you. All my best wishes to you i pray that your heart will mend quickly


To Rove & family, our thoughts & prayers are with you at this very difficult time. We pray that God will surround you all with His love & comfort.

Cathy, Adrian & Alexandra Cole. Brisbane.


Heartfelt feelings to Rove and Belinda’s families on your tragic loss

Belinda will be missed so much!!

A song sung by Guy Sebastian to express what I am feeling right now

"Make Heaven Wait"

I see you smiling every day
Looking back at me like nothing ever changed
I swear i heard you call my name
But in reality
Its just your picture in the frame

Why am i here
Without you
When there was so much for us left to do
How could the angels have come so soon

If i could make heaven wait
I'd find a way to ask god if he had
Made some mistake
If he'd save your wings
For another day
If only i could make heaven wait

All your clothes are hanging up
Not a thing's been touched
I left it all the same
I wish i could press rewind
And go back in time
Just to see your face again
Cos i miss you
I need you
I'm so alone without you here with me
You are the reason that i breathe


And every night i search for your star
In the sky
(asking why oh why)
Lord knows i would trade in my life for
A chance to say goodbye


I was struck by the news - what a terribly sad loss of someone so young. It's a savage reminder of the devastating effects of breast cancer. I presume that being able to afford the top types of treatment was not an issue for Belinda, and yet still her life was cut short so early. However, throughout the whole ordeal she received something precious - the obviously sincere and heartfelt love of her husband and family. My condolences and best wishes to her loved ones. Denise


A Beautiful Angel watching over you now Rove and her family from heaven.


To all Belinda's loved ones and especially to Rove,

Our heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of the beautiful Belinda. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved ... or be loved.

CRJTC - Bull Creek WA


Dear Rove and the McManus and Emmett families,
You are all in my thoughts & prayers,
Belinda will live on in your hearts forever,
Know that Belinda is at peace now, watching & smiling over you all, surrounding you with her love.
Belinda you will be missed and never forgotten,
You have shown us that beautiful souls exist in this world
Brave, Elegant, Loving, Intelligent, Natural, Determined, Amazing

Tiffany Geyp
(Newport Beach, NSW)


Dear Rove, Mr & Mrs Emmett, Mr & Mrs McManus & Families.

When I heard the news this morning I cried, I dried my tears and remembered back so many years when I was at School (Corpus Christi) with Belinda. We were friends. When school was over so many of our lives went on different paths. Some of us had harder, longer roads to tread then others. I followed Belinda's career and was so proud of her, we would bump into one another and nothing would change. She was still Belinda. Her courage and spirit has guided me along my long hard road with my Daughter. She is 6yrs old and has an inoperable tumour in her spinal cord. Whenever I was down she lifted me so high, and she didn't even know! She will continue to lift me and give me the greatest of strength.

I'm so very sorry. I will always remember her in my heart as I know she will always be in yours.

She is the bravest person I know and I'm so proud to call her my friend.

Sarah-Jane, Stewart and Georgina Loveridge xoxoxox
Gippsland Victoria


Dear Rove and Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. As a young widow with a little one I understand the hurt and pain of losing a loved one. Let yourself go through the grief, and please take care of yourself. Many precious memories to hold onto will be with you always. Belinda was an inspiration to myself, and to many others. I loved her outlook on life and the ways she had handled her own battles. She also had wonderful support and lovely to see the two great people together.

Wishing you all the best
Mish and Tati


To Rove & Family,
Belinda was such a beautiful woman, a real lady who fought her brave battle with such grace & dignity, We are truly feeling for Rove & the Emmett family who we offer our heartfelt condolences. Her struggle has now ended and her pain is gone but her memory and love with always live on.

From The Spanos family ( Mentone, Vic )


It is strange sending my condolences to a person and family I have never met. I somehow feel I have known her through her acting and the public profile she has shared with Rove. I am sure she was even more beautiful in person and I can not imagine what you must be feeling but just feel compelled to send my thoughts and prayers to you. I only hope that you are given the space and privacy you require to manage your way through this time.

Thoughts are with you


Dear Rove and Belinda's Family & Friends

I was so sorry to hear about Belinda's passing today. She was a beautiful woman both inside and out and has fought this battle with courage dignity and grace. Although I didn't know her personally, I have really felt a sense of loss today and can only imagine how you must be feeling.

I have been a fan of Belinda's for many years and followed her courageous battle in awe. For such a tiny woman she had the biggest heart and gave it everything she had.

Rove, the love that the two of you shared will live on.

Although nothing can take away your pain, please know that it is shared by all of Australia.

RIP Belinda

Say hi to God for me.

Wendy (Brisbane)


Our family would like to send our condolences to Rove. Belinda was a beautiful, strong & wonderful person. She will be missed by everyone. She was an amazing lady and it is so sad that this had to happen.
Rove, be strong and know that you are thought of.
From the Lee family.


Now that a piece of Australia’s sunshine has been taken from earth the sun will now shine a little brighter from now on. May Rove and both families find a little piece of that sunshine and may it make you feel a little warmer each day. My families love goes out to you at such a difficult time xoxo
Colbey family Morphett Vale s.a.


I was never a Home And Away fan not because i ever disliked the show i was always busy raising my two children. I have no idea why Belinda’s battle with cancer made me stop and look at what i've got but it did. My son died 9 years ago and i struggle badly with my grief. It makes me realise how blessed i am to have two healthy children and have reached the age of 41 when Belinda never had the privilege of having children and for-filling her dreams with her husband. Her life was snatched away at such a young age she was always smiling always strong and always positive. She is an inspiration to all and will dearly missed by her loved ones but she has definitely made a mark on my life just by reading of her in magazines. If it means anything to her family and those who love her she will never be fogotten and my heart goes out to all.


A beautiful soul in every respect and taken far too soon. Her battle was fought with such courage and dignity. Sincere condolences to her family.
Castlemaine Vic.


May God hold you in the palm of his hand forever


To Rove, The Emmett and Mcmanus family

Our thoughts and prays are with you all. You are both loved by all Australians.
Silks, Queensland


To Rove, The Emmett and McManus words can express the extent of your loss or the extent of our sympathy. Belinda was a beautiful girl who touched our hearts. God bless you all at this time.
Sincere condolences from the Harris family, St. John’s Park, NSW.


Thoughts & wishes for Belinda, free from pain after fighting so hard. Your quiet strength & dignity whilst you were going through the hard fight are an inspiration to all. Condolences to Belinda's husband, family & friends.



To all of Belinda's loved ones we would like to say "our deepest sympathy to you all - but how blessed you were to have had her in your lives....if only for a short time".

A ship sails and I stand
Watching till She fades on the horizon
And someone at my side says
“She is gone “
Gone where ?
Gone from my sight
That is all:
She is just as large as when I saw her
The diminished size and total loss of sight
is in me ,
Not in her
And just at that moment
When someone at my side says
“She is gone”
There are others on another shore
who are watching her coming
and others voices
taking up a glad shout saying
“Here she comes”

From the Taylor Family Western Australia


To Dear Rove, McManus and Emmett families. I offer my deepest condolences to you all.

Ryan Family, Warrnambool, Victoria


Dear Rove and Belinda's family.

What a tragedy. I lost my mum 18 months ago with cancer. I understand your feelings of pain.
I pray for you and your family. You will try at this time many things to ease your pain, Please know that your creator Loves you and Belinda. She will be home now. flying on Angels wing's.
Blessings Janelle


Rove as you are a willetton lad from perth, i am from east cannington, perth i have always felt a connection and very proud at your phenomenal success. I was so enthralled you found a true genuine lady as beautiful as Belinda, she unfortunately got dealt a courageous battle to try and win through her young life which we all thought and hoped she would finally win, to then hopefully settle down and start a nice little family with her true soulmate, which only comes around once in a lifetime. i think you enjoyed every waking moment with Belinda many of which will be etched in your memories forever. i always thought of you and Belinda as the most down to earth celebrity couples. i hope you find a way to ease your pain and know as she is watching over you from up there in one of those big sparkling stars you will always be loved from a far, and remember she is finally at peace without anymore suffering.......many deepest condolences to you your family, Belinda's family and all her friends and anyone who loved her. god bless......*******.
Debbie east cannington. (p.s please be strong we are all feeling your pain)