Bernie Banton Condolences & Tributes

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Dear Karen, family and ADFA members,

I was very saddened to hear of Bernie's diagnosis of mesothelioma on top of his asbestosis.  It was wonderful, but so in character that he asked for compensation for this too. After all Hardies had been happy enough to expose him to this terrible hazard.

We are all the better for his having lived and he was a shining beacon of courage for us all, and for the small person seeking justice against the arrogant and unfeeling big end of town which reduces the suffering and death of sickness and accidents to 'lost time' statistics.

Kate and I are with you in your suffering, and I hope to see you all at the funeral.


Arthur Chesterfield-Evans


To honour the memory of a man with integrity and honesty who pursued this cause with dignity and gallantry. Watching my grandfather lose his life to the hands of this all consuming and murderous disease my grandmother and I followed Bernie’s struggles and triumphs made on behalf of all those who have suffered and continue to suffer the impact of dust diseases. My grandfather collapsed and died in my grandmother’s arms on his birthday in February this year. It is small comfort when one passes in the presence of great love. It is with great sadness and great respect for Bernie that I send this condolence. Any great man leaves love aching in his wake and still a greater man such as Bernie leaves the world richer with the changes he has made. Another good man has drawn a long last weary breath. May you all find peace.

 Kerrie Moynihan.


Dear Dean,

Please accept my condolences at this time of mourning. It has been a privilege to know you during our last years at The Kings School. You have coped so well and, like your father, are a true inspiration.

With sympathy and friendship,

Jackson Mark. TKS 07


What a true hero!

My heart goes out to Karen and her family at this very, very sad time. Bernie was a wonderful man who suffered so much pain and is now at peace. You will be sadly missed.

Natalie, Jason and Maddison
Northern NSW


To a great Aussie Battler

You have been an inspiration for the union movement to understand what we can still achieve for decent Australians.

You are an inspiration for generations to light once more the torch of social justice.

Andrew Casey