Are you Trying to Locate a Cemetery?

The last post, the final resting place, the farm, the city of the dead, the dead centre of town. There are so many names for a "cemetery" but they all mean one thing. It's a place where we lay the deceased to rest. Be it in a coffin buried six feet under or in a urn placed lovingly in a wall of remembrance, we feel a certain sense of tradition in our loved ones resting in a cemetery.

Although every city and town has a public one, private enterprise has embraced the concept of cemeteries and in some cases gone completely overboard with the structures and landscaping of the same.

The logistics of these facilities are actually quite involved. Given that funerals can generate up to thousands of mourners there must be an infrastructure in place to cope with these events be they big or small. Parking, rest rooms, mourning rooms, refreshments, pathways, landscaping, plot directories, denomination sections, crypts, the list goes on and on.

Cemeteries can be a very lucrative business given that in Australia over 300 people die every day and over 97% of them finish up in a cemetery.

Plots are sold according to the area and their positioning in the cemetery. Plots with a view for example cost more than plots without. Although when you think about it why would a deceased person benefit from a view???

At you can search for, and find links to, Australian cemeteries along with lots of other information about the funeral industry, such as death notices, funeral notices and obituaries.