Cemetery Records

Many cemetery records are now being computerised. Often this is a labourious process and is frequently conducted by civic minded volunteers. Genealogists appreciate the value in having access to this type of data. However to the typical cemetery owner (particularly the private operators) the cost of computerising this data, and making cemetery records available online, has no financial rewards. Unless, of course, they were to charge for these records, and few would be reluctant to pay. So often this task is relegated to the tireless, dedicated individuals who stoically traipse around the cemetery transcibing headstones, to preserve the records for the benefit of generations to come.

One of the benefits of having a funeral or death notice on Obits.com.au is that a cemetery record can be added to a notice at any time. This is entered in the field "Final Resting Place", and given that Obits.com.au undertakes to keep this data accessible, then it is one way of ensuring that future generations can easily obtain cemetery records from our notices for years to come.

At www.obits.com.au you can find links to Australian cemetery records along with lots of other information about the funeral industry, such as death notices, funeral notices and obituaries. Many listings will contain a cemetery reference for the individual.