Your friend or loved one has passed away and now you find yourself at a chapel at the local crematorium. The coffin is at the front of the chapel and the funeral service has concluded. What then?

The music starts and the ornate doors swing open as the coffin starts its final journey along the conveyor belt to the cremation oven on the other side.

As the coffin passes the ornate doors they close and with that the funeral service is, for all intents and purposes, over.

So, what really happens behind those ornate doors? Does the super expensive coffin with the body of your loved one really go straight into the cremation oven or is the inner box removed and put into the oven separately while the coffin is recycled?

It would make a lot more sense not to put the expensive casket into the oven. The whole idea of being cremated is for your body to be reduced to a pile of ashes isn't it? Do we have to waste the expense, not to mention the natural resources?

Some funeral directors may offer the reusable coffin or casket as an option, or perhaps you could enquire. It's NOT about being cheap or stingy in my opinion. It's about not wasting resources, and money, that could be best spent elsewhere - such as on those remaining behind, or a donation to the deceased's favourite charity.

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