Grief Counselling

Grief is an emotion which besets us from time to time in our lives and can often have serious consequences for those of us who can’t deal with it.

As we become more and more educated on the availability of professional help a much higher number of people are seeking grief counselling services.

There are many courses of action both physical and mental which are recommended in dealing with grief but these are as varied as the causes of grief itself.

There is the loss of a family member, a friend, death by natural causes, violence, misadventure, suicide and the list goes on. Each cause of death, each separate circumstance can trigger a different type of emotional reaction.

So who dictates how we deal with our feelings when we are in the depths of sorrow and shock? Ultimately I believe we all have an inbuilt mechanism to deal with our emotions it just that from time to time we need help.

Friends and family may be a good source of help but sometimes they can do more harm than good albeit with the best of intensions. When one senses that they are not coping and they are sinking into a deep depression it's time to seek some qualified grief counselling.

At you can download a “Grief and Loss Kit" which may give you a guide towards handling the loss of a loved one. The kit contains some commonsense advice on what to do and who to approach in your time of need.

You will soon be able to search for grief counselling services on the Obits Funeral Services Directory.