Heath Ledger

1979 ~ 2008

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It is been 3 weeks, I am sorry I could not get myself to write a note sooner. It is still surreal, and difficult to envision Mr. Heath Ledger is no longer with us.

We (the world) are embraced by a strange feeling, that we all lost a brother, son, friend. As an actor, by means of his skills he managed to touch every one of us, in a most unusual way.

However, I like to reflect on him, for the person he was and not the actor.
When confident, he offered as much as he could to people around his private life, and whoever had that chance should be forever grateful. That is a moment in time to remember.

As I am not a religious person, I like to let Ledger family and friends know that I will remember and defend his memory as long as I breathe.

My deepest sympathy,
Vi Wood
Idaho, USA

Our thoughts are with Heath's family at this very sad time. He will be missed so much.

May he rest in peace.

The Fuller Family


The world is crying and will never understand why he was taken from us all. God bless his family and daughter and Michelle and Jake as well as Emma and all that loved him. I adored Heath Ledger and may you all find peace. Meet you up in the sky one day my friend and don't feel scared we are all here with you.

John x


To The Ledger Family, Beautiful Matilda and Michelle,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
Heath’s smile will forever shine upon us from above.

Please take care.

Love and prayers,

Kim Battista
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada.


To The Ledger Family & To Michelle & Matilda Rose,

My thoughts are with you all at this unimaginable time.
Heath will never be forgotten. His spirit is within your granddaughter Matilda you can see it in her eyes.
May God be with you all and with Heath in Heaven.

Rest In Peace Heath.

Love K – Melbourne Victoria.



To Heath’s family, Michelle and Matilda

I know there is nothing anybody can say to make you feel better about your sudden and unexpected loss, so please just know that my thoughts, and those of my family are with you during this very raw and emotional time.

I say a little prayer for each of you every night and ask that you all find the strength that you need to get through this. The dreadful emptiness of losing your boy will be with you forever and it’s hard to even do the little mundane day to day things that other people take for granted. I wish somebody had told me how hard it was just to go to the corner shop after losing my child. Nobody quite understands that while their lives go on as normal, yours has come to a grinding halt.

Heath was an incredible actor, I really enjoyed his movies. He also had the most amazing smile. It was very obvious in every picture how much he loved you, Michelle; hold on tight to that. Matilda is such a cutie and it breaks my heart to think about how you’re going to explain this loss to her. It’s just not fair that she has to grow up not getting to know her Daddy. Take comfort in each other and God bless.


Nicole Theofilos & family
Melbourne, Australia.

It was sad of Heath's death. I just want to say to his family it will get easier, but never forget him. He will always be in your hearts and be he will be watching from above.

Lynda Watson


Dear Ledger family, Matilda, and Michelle,

My love, thoughts, and prayers are with each of you at this sad time. Keep close to you the knowledge that he loved each of you very much and that each of you made him what he was and will be remembered for.

Tell Matilda all of the wonderful stories, share with her how much her father loved and adored her. He is not really gone, he is resting in heaven, watching down on each of you and waiting for the day he will see each of you again. He was a soulful, thoughtful, talented, and loving man. Don't let a day go by that you don't talk to him about something, he will be listening.

You see, he is still alive in your hearts, our hearts, and in everyones memories.

God Bless you all.
Cindy Howl,
Covina, CA USA



My heart goes out to Matilda, Michelle and the entire Ledger family,

Heath will always be one of the brightest stars In the nite sky for all to see. A life cut too short, but a memory and a smile that will last forever, and ever. Long after we all have gone.

May God bless you in your time of loss.

Pamela Purves

Fillmore, CA USA  

Dear Ledger family,

He is not gone, he is only sleeping, for the Lord holds him close and shines his love upon him. Time is not forever, neither is death and you all will be together once again. In that moment there will be no more tears nor pain, heartaches will cease and light and love will endure in the presence of the Lord.... I only had the pleasure of Heaths presence from my home watching his movies and it was very easy to fall in love with such a caring soul. Matilda will carry her father within her and his presence will forever be in her smile...God bless you all

Frances Cranford
Cochran, Georgia

To Kim and Sally Ledger, Matilda, the entire Ledger family and Michelle,

There are no words to express the sorrow I feel at Heath's passing or my pain when I see pictures of Heath and Matilda. Please know that my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this most difficult time.

Sara Lynch
Rhode Island, USA


To Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ledger and the Ledger family, Matilda and Michelle,


Firstly I would like to give my condolences to the Ledger family and those who knew Heath. My thoughts are with you all during this very sad time in your lives.I absolutely adored Heath he was a fantastic actor, and truly a great Aussie Legend. I have watched all of Heath movie’s he has acted in, he had so much talent, and to me he is my Aussie superman.


I have written a poem for all of the loved one’s Heath has left behind.




Feel the warmth around you,
Like Heath’s presence is so near,
Just close your eyes and visualize,
Heath’s face when he was here,


Endure the times you’ve spent together,
For they are locked inside your heart,
For as long as you have those memories,
You will never be apart,


Even though you’s cannot speak no more,
He’s voice is always here,
Because every night before you sleep,
You’ll have him in your prayer.


We all miss you Heath very much,
But you will be in our hearts forever.


Heath we love you and will never forget about you.


I can let your body go,
But not the part of you,
That lives in my heart.


My warm memories of you,
Will be with me all the days of my life,
And I will cherish every one of them.


They will give me,
Strength when I am weak,
And happiness when I am down,


I’ll only have to,
Remember your smiling face,
And my hopes will be renewed.


I’ll only have to,
Think about you the way your movies,
Touched something deep inside of me,


And I’ll remember,
That love bonds,
One soul to another eternally,


I can let your body go,
But not the memories,
I will carry in my heart,


Rest in peace Heath Ledger.


All my love Julie.
Tuncurry NSW


I am so sad. I still cant believe such a young and special person is gone too soon. I loved Heath and all of his movies. He is at peace with our eternal father and will be watching over his family. My condolences to the Ledgers family and the Williams family for their loss. RIP Heath.

Debbie Bishop


"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of His hand..... AN IRISH BLESSING.

You were a son, a brother, a nephew, a friend of friends and above all a father which was your greatest act of all.  When all the tributes fade, when night falls and another day rises you will be in the hearts of everyone you touched in your short life. Your talents were incredible and your passions for your craft were a gift to all.

You were a son, a brother, a nephew, a friend of friends and above all a father which was your greatest act of all.  When all the tributes fade, when night falls and another day rises you will be in the hearts of everyone you touched in your short life. Your talents were incredible and your passions for your craft were a gift to all.

I too am an artist and live in New York, and I also have a little girl I adore and will give her extra hugs and kisses......
I am also blessed with a great husband and family as well.....

Your legacy will live on in her, and I am sure she will be protected and deeply loved by your family and extended inner circles of close friends....

Until we all meet again friend, may God be with you and your family across the miles,

Wendy Anne Bonefont
Arte de Bonefont
Pittsford, NY



Dear Ledger family, Michelle and Matilda,

No words will every express the pain you must be feeling right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Thank you for giving us the beautiful gift of getting to know your son, he will truly be missed. Matilda your daddy will always be with no matter what. He will be there on your first day of school, when you graduate, and on your wedding day. He is your guardian angel now, you are the best thing he ever did. I wish I could take away your pain, keep your head up, someday we will be reunited with the ones we love.

All my love
Indiana, USA


Dear Ledger family, Michelle and Matilda,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours. It wasn’t his movies and his being an actor; I don’t know how to say this but he just seemed like a very special person. Thank you for giving the world the gift of your son. It will never take away any of your pain, but I hope you can understand how many people were touched by Heath just being Heath.

With warm wishes,

Melissa, Minnesota USA




Dear Ledger's family,

I am a big fan of Heath from Hong Kong. It doesn't matter if I'd have the pleasure to meet him in person. Just hope that Heath will rest in peace. His talent and seriousness of being an actor would always stay in our heart. Matilda grow up happily and always remember her father with lots of love. Ledger's family would always be proud to have a member of this family so famous and achievements. No regrets!! Just remember Heath is a good guy and his kindness.

Janet Tse Hiu Kwan
Hong Kong

Dear Ledger family:

I am truly sorry for your loss of Heath. I wish I could have known him in person. He seemed to be a great person. He was an amazing actor. I'm so sad. We will miss him here in Germany and never forget him. You and your family are in my prayers.
God bless you.


To all of Heath's family, Matilda and Michelle:

I did not have the pleasure of knowing this amazing person, unfortunatly. He was such an awesome actor and he will be so missed The world is at a loss. I can't believe that I did not kno him, yet I feel as if i have lost someone that I did know. God bless you all in this very difficult time. Matilda, your daddy will always be watching over you. Stay strong Michelle, you are so blessed and lucky to have such an adorable little girl. Much love and prayers from the USA. Heath will be missed forever but never forgotten.

Please accept my condolences in Heath's recent passing. The world of acting has lost a talented artist, a loving father and wonderful son and brother. It is tragic loss that I and many others still find hard to believe. He will be sadly missed, but remembered for being with us for such a short time and the joy he brought to so many.

Debi B

Though Heath was only known to us through his brilliant work, please know how the world mourns with you. There aren't enough kind words or thoughts that can help ease the pain you're feeling. Time will help heal and you will again feel as though you can breathe. Just know that Heaths legacy will live on in his precious little angel and you will find peace and solitude in her magical eyes. My family as well as others everywhere wish you peace at this tragic time.

Cody, Lori, Ryan and Kayla

My deepest sympathy goes out to your family. I still cannot believe that Heath has passed away. I have admired his work since his start. I watched him in interviews and realized that he was a humble gentleman who felt uncomfortable in the limelight.
You raised a great man & he will be missed.
God bless you.
David Larsen
Fort Lauderdale Florida

Having gone through your same tragedy, my prayers and thoughts go out to each of you. Just know that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones. As my grandmother always said (and that which helps me get through the difficult times) "God never gives us a burden that he doesn't give us the strength to handle it." Heath was so loved and adored here in America! We are all saddened by his sudden and unexpected passing.


To the Ledger family and beautiful Matilda.

We are so saddened by your loss, Heath was an amazing actor and I believe a wonderful, kind human being. His loss has touched the hearts of so many, our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

The Templey's in NZ 

Your tears and grief are also our tears and grief. This amazing person will be missed by many. You are in my prayers.

Shannon - Virginia, USA

I am truly sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. It is tough to lose a loved one and remember you are not alone.

God Bless. Sheri

I am truly sorry for your loss of Heath. He was a wonderful actor. I wish I could have known him in person, he seemed to be a wonderful person. Please take care and I hope people will give you, Heath's family, privacy to mourn. My heart goes out to you all and to little Matilda.

Michelle Mansell
Alabama, USA 

To the Ledger family, I lost my beautiful brother 5 years ago & when I saw your loving statement on sky news I was re living a pain I felt like you once .I really can say I know how you feel and hope that you can move along with your grief ,remember him with a smile and know that he is still around you. Believe he is around you and you will feel him there; when you think your just not going to cope ;ask him to help you and he will.. Tarnya Quinn Mudgee N.S.W

"The Soul takes flight to the world that is invisible, at there arriving, he is assured of bliss- and forever dwells in paradise." Socrates

He will be greatly missed.

North Carolina, USA

Dear Ledger family:

I am deeply saddened by the news of Heath's passing. I cry everyday in pure disbelief. It's so surreal. I never had the pleasure of meeting Heath though I know in my heart what a wonderful man, son, brother, father and actor he was. Your family and the world has lost a beautiful person both inside and out. God Bless you all in this time of sorrow.

Love to you all...
In deepest sympathy,

Carrie Ann Wolford
Rochester, NY USA 

Dear Kim, Sally, Kate, Emma, Michelle and Matilda and to all the family and friends of Heath.

I am only a fan of his work. I was not fortunate enough to have known him personally. However, I saw in him a sensitive, caring and loving man. His brilliance on the screen gave so much pleasure to so many people. Your loss is our loss. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one understands in some measure the pain you are in and what a true tragedy this is. My heart goes out to you all.

Christine McGill
Toronto, Canada 

To the Ledger Family

I did not know Heath, nor in fact seen many of his movies, but something in his death has touched me greatly. So much so I cannot stop thinking of him. I cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling. I am not some start struck teenage girl, but just an ordinary guy from Edinburgh, Scotland, who needs you to know how much your son has touched not only myself, but millions of others in this world.

I know that you must be eternally proud of that. I wish you all my deepest sympathy and love, and I hope that being the close family that you seem, will make getting through this time easier.

Lots of Love

To The Ledger Family, Matilda and Michelle

I am so saddened by your loss. I know that Heath is in Heaven watching down over all of you. I hope you find comfort and peace in knowing that he is with our Lord and that he will always be safe in his arms.

From the first time I saw him in A Knights Tale I knew that he would go far in his career. I loved his movies and he will be truly missed.

Sabrina (Kansas - USA)

I am so sorry for your loss.
The entire world is losing out on an amazing actor, but you have lost a treasured family member.
I am so sorry.

Elizabeth Rodgers

To the family of Heath Ledger,

He was a wonderful actor, and such a great person. He will be deeply missed by us here in the US. Please accept our sympathy. God Bless.

Chamberlain Family
Massachusetts, USA

To All of Heath Ledger’s family and friends, please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I pray you can have peace at this time, and that God will help you along the rest of your journey. While it’s hard to think of now, I pray in time you won’t think of how long it has been since Heath left, but rather that each day is one day closer to seeing him again. May God bless you all.

With deepest sympathy,

Kim Tervydis


Dear Kim, Sally, Kate, Emma, Michelle and Matilda,

I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. I'm bawling like a baby for a man I have never had the pleasure of meeting. What a talented, beautiful and wonderful man he was. You should all be proud.

Matilda, know that your dad was very special to all Australians and we couldn't help but love him. He was an awesome man and will never be forgotten. I'm sorry you won't get to know him but there will be enough people around for you to know of him. It's not the same but you will embrace that. God bless you and may your daddy's angel wings be always around you.

Deep Regards,

To the family of Mr. Ledger,

I am so sorry for your loss. Heath was such a wonderful actor.
I enjoyed all of his films.
He will be missed.

To Matilda....I know your daddy is watching over his
little Angel....God be with you all...

The Pullen Family...USA..

To the Ledger Family and Michelle,

May our Lord, Jesus Christ give all of you the strength to get through this horrific ordeal.
Please know that your son touched so many lives through his work.
My family will pray for you now and in the days ahead that you get through this.

God Bless you all.

Colorado,USA family

I watched “10 things I hate about you” and he had a magnetic smile. I thought he has one of the sweetest faces ever. He exuded genuineness. May God bless him eternally.

Mike, Chicago IL

Dear Ledger and Williams families, and all Australian friends of Heath Andrew Ledger:


From Madison, Wisconsin, USA--I extend my deepest sympathies on the loss of such a special son, brother, lover, father & fabulous friend; and wish each and all of you strength and tenderness at this very difficult time. The world wanted too much of him, may Australia and his family re-claim him in peace and pride for all his accomplishments on earth. All the best, always.


After learning of Heath's death I watched the movie Brokeback Mountain and was astounded by the impression the movie had on me. What a wonderful actor he was and what a beautiful performance Heath gave. I am sorry for your loss and also for the loss to the entertainment world.