Mark Porter Tributes

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Dear Mark ......

One year later and you are still not forgotten. This weekend is full of both joy and grief for motor racing fans. I'll never forget you ..... R.I.P.

Sandy Skelton.


Aching Heart

My heart bursts, My body aches
For you are no longer here
And though I know you are close by
I shed another tear.
Taken too soon
Your freedom altered
Who would have thought
You'd not be with us now.
My tears flow endlessly
I can hardly breathe
My physical & mental anguish
Feels like it will never leave.
I know each day, will bring more relief
As I remember your beautiful heart
Racing days forever changed
Your v8, no longer at the start.
It's Vivid Bright yellow
It's bright orange flame
Your dream and passion in life
To us only a game.
Our pain will lessen
Memories forever remain
My grief replaced by a smile
At the winner you became.
But until that day is upon me
I will hurt in dismay
For the loss that I feel for you
On this very day.

Copyright ©2006 Sandy Lee Skelton (a dedicated V8 Supercar fan)


To Goosie, Flynn and all of the Porter family & friends.

This was not meant to happen... Words cannot express the sadness felt but when you look at Mark's life and achievements in his short 31 years you cannot help but admire him, he was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Didley, you will be sadly missed but rest assured, you will remain in our hearts always.

Goosie & Flynn, we are here for you 24/7

Speedy & BL xxx


I am just another Motorsport Enthusiast who watched in horror as the race unfolded. I cannot begin to undertstand the pain Mark's wife and child have and will feel. I truly hope that there will be a time that their pain is alleviated and the great memories they have of their partner and father remain.
Mark will not be forgotten,

The Brown Family, Sydney.



It is with such deep sadness that we face the loss of a great mate and competitor. I will always remember standing on the pit wall at QR next to you at the test day in July, as we timed 'arm muscle russel' (Russel Ingall). Sitting in the MSport transporter before the race at Bathurst hoping you could improve from 9th on the grid, I am still in shock from he events of that day. Motorsport and V8 Supercars are my biggest passion, and I am eternally grateful for the commitment and dedication you gave to the sport, and the chance I had to see you absolutely carve through the field on several occasions, and also those incredible starts you made. My thoughts are with Adrienne and Flynn, Robin and Robyn, Nick and all of your friends and the MSport crew Phil, Bobby, Aaron, Brian, Doug, Josh & Greg. You will leave a gaping hole in the paddock and in our hearts.

Mitch Edwards



I cannot believe you are actually gone and we have had our last race meet with you, when i said seeya in Mallala, I didn't mean it to be forever. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of your 'grid girls' for the year, it was an experience that truly changed my life. I had so much fun travelling with you and the team (even if we did whinge about sore feet and sleazy guys). My heart goes out to Goose, Flynn, Robin, Robyn, Nick, Rich and all of your family and close mates. I will miss our 'short cuts' to the track, your constant mimicking of our Aussie accents and the millions of times we got lost coming home. We had so many laughs. You will be so sadly and deeply missed.

love Adrienne


Dear Porter family,

My heart goes out to you all. Mark was far too young to die. He was my favourite racing driver and always will be. He was such a kind and polite young man. This is absolutely devastating.

Loved, Cherished and NEVER forgotten.

R.I.P. mate!!



Dear Porter Family,

My husband & I are so very sorry to hear of your loss. I myself did not know or ever meet Mark but my heart goes out to you & Mark's friends. What a shame, so sorry. Please remember that you have alot of people thinking of you & your family at this sad time.

Best Wishes for the future,

Scott & Rebecca Doolan, Central Coast, Australia


Dear Porter family,

Please accept our deepest condolences and sympathies for your family at this tragic time.
He was taken away far to early and had so much to yet to achieve, i know he will be up there watching over you and your family.

In our prayer Mark & Cass


My Deepest Sympathies to Marks Family and Friends on the tragic loss of Mark. I was watching the race at Bathurst where the accident occurred and my thoughts have been with the family since. Mark will NEVER be forgotten and during this sad time, may his little boy and wife find some strength knowing that Mark's life made an impact on the motorsport world and total strangers are feeling his loss today.

Best Wishes, Tina and Family Darwin NT.




To The Porter Family and Porter Hyundi Hydralink Racing Team,

Please accept our most heartfelt condolences for the loss of Mark.This is a very sad time for you and we have felt this tragedy very deeply. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all of you, this is just a terrible loss. Mark will always be remembered and kept in our hearts. Anything we can do just ask...



To the Porter Family

Mark was taken away far too early. My thoughts are with you.



Porter Family,
Our many prayers are with you.
Brett & Annalea Davies
Bathurst, NSW.


Words can not express how I feel my heart goes to Mark's wife Adrienne and Son Flynn and his  Family and friends.

We were Competitors on the track but I considered you a friend and someone I could look up to. I will always remember at the start of each race you would always come up to me and say good luck mate. I will remember what a great sportsman you were.

Rest in peace my friend
from Jay my family and all the team at Hi Trans Racing


To the Porter Family,

Another tragic loss to the Motorsport world. I watched Mark race only a few weeks ago at the Mallala Round, and am struggling to comprehend that he's gone. I was constantly on the internet looking for updates on his condition, and was devastated to read that last report.

Gone way too early, I really feel for his wife and son, but Mark will never be forgotten. Deepest sympathies to Mark's wife and son, and the rest of his family.

Jane Alexander, Adelaide


To the Porter family

My deepest sympathy to you all. I was watching the race and prayed every day he would pull through but it never happened so now racing has lost another great driver his memory will live on sadly missed by all race fans forever



Our Hearts go out to Marks wife, son and family. Our prayers to you all.

Davis Family, Gold Coast.


Deepest sympathy to Mark’s family and friends. A tragic weekend for you all.

Our thoughts and prayers.

The Barrett family, Townsville.


Rest In Peace Mark YOU will NEVER be forgotten.

Steve, Rhiannon & Michael


To Mark's Family

The world admires people who follow their dreams. Mark followed his dreams with Passion and Great Courage. All our sympathies go out to his family. May his spirit live on forever in Everyone.

Maree and Steve - Canberra ACT


It takes courage for all of us to follow our dreams. But special courage to follow a dream that places us in extreme danger. The world admires these people. They give so much of themselves and have very special gifts they share with all of us. Mark lived his dream - that's all that is asked of all of us. He lived life. Thank you. Prayers to all Mark's family.



Such a great guy! My heart goes out to Adrienne and Flynn and the rest of the Porter family.



To Mark's Family,

It was a sad day, and our prayers go to your family. I had the pleasure to know Mark breifly as a photographer during the Konica Series a few years back . He was a quiet spoken, and amicable man with a quick wit, and a fine driver. It was always exciting watching him drive, a true competitor.

Again we are truly sorry for your loss, and all our sympathies go to his family.

Daniel Romaine
Comsport Photography


Our Condolences go out to the Porter family at this sad time

Mark was an up and coming race driver that was taken before his time

May his spirit be there to guide you and live on in every one

Tony and Lynette of Townsville QLD


Our hearts & prayers are with you during this painful time. Mark will be missed by many.

Matt Long & Shannon Long


What a loss, What a shame.