To remember a person is one thing, to build an item which reminds people of that person or event is quite another.

A Memorial is very very common in today’s society. From the statues we build to commemorate our war heroes to the millions of headstones at cemeteries across the world.

As a rule these structures are expensive and require maintenance. In some cases they are visually appealing and in many cases they are not. When it comes to remembering our dead the usual rules of aesthetics go out the window and in some cases bad taste takes over.

Wouldn’t it be great if the average person were able to build a virtual structure celebrating a life which wouldn’t use any natural resources, be only seen by people who want to see it, be super affordable, need no statutory approval and above all be respectful and to the point.

Well now there is. offers you the chance to build a memorial online for your loved one, at a price everyone can afford.

Apart from having the Death, Funeral and Obituary notice online you will soon be able to post the life and times of your loved one on a 3 page memorial format at as a lasting, no maintenance, word and picture tribute to your special person.

This memorial can be viewed online 24 hours a day seven days a week anywhere in the world where there is an internet service.

Yes this is the 21st century and yes we are asking you to come and join it with us. Use today’s technology to save money, preserve the memory of a loved one and inform future generations about your loved one.

The internet can serve to preserve our memories online and to help us remember the ones we love.

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