Monumental Masons

There comes a time soon after the death of a relative when the need arises for a monument of some description to perpetuate the memory of the recently departed.

Monumental Masons in Australia play a key role in this process as they are the ones who will meet the expectations and the budget of the family for this very important part of the funeral process.

A visit to any cemetery will give one a virtual showroom of monumental masonry displaying a spectrum of tombstones from the flamboyant to the intrinsically artistic.

Memorials can be everything from standard issue headstones to stone carvings of angels in full flight signifying the escort of the soul to a far far better place, and everything in between.

The monumental mason must wear many hats. A businessman, a sculptor, a confidant, a counsellor, an artist. It’s obviously much more than just someone handy with a hammer and chisel.

When the selection of gravestone has been made and the inscription indelibly carved, the mason must then fix the monument to the appropriate place, be it a grave, a mausoleum or a special place which the deceased loved for example.

Hat’s off to the monumental masons of this world and let us never forget the importance of their work and the perpetuity of their memorials.

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