How to Write an Obituary

An obituary is the summation of a person’s life once they are deceased.

Why is it that for the most part we wait for a person to die before we take stock of their lives and then extol the virtues of their accomplishments and the better side of their life.

I suppose it’s part of the funeral ritual that we remind the family and friends of the deceased of the good things the person did during their life. To “send someone off” without an obituary, would leave a void in the whole of the funeral procedure.

But who writes the words and how does one make sure that these words are read by the people who want to read them?

Quite often they will appear on the handout given to the mourners at the funeral. This is the most common distribution method, but what if you lose it or if you don’t go to the funeral?

There is a failsafe way of making sure that an obituary is available to all and sundry and available 24 hours a day seven days a week. is a website dedicated to the funeral industry and to funeral notices and death notices, including obituaries, which are posted with the passing of a friend or relative.

The way it works is simple. When the family of the deceased engage a funeral director to carry out the funeral, the funeral director posts the death notice, funeral notice and obituary on .

The friends and family of the deceased may now access the site, enter the name of their friend or relative and retrieve the notices in a respectful and well presented format.

Thus the obituary stays on the site indefinitely and is always available. A future use for the information could be for say family tree research, or just for old time’s sake.