Rookwood Cemetery Information

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Rookwood Cemetery opened in 1867 and is now the largest working cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere, and the world’s largest 19th century cemetery.  It has become the final resting place for over 600,000 Australians.

Rookwood Cemetery is located in Sydney’s West, and covers more than 300 hectares, that’s the same size as Sydney’s CBD.  This interesting cemetery, which contains a war memorial and memorial gardens for fallen soldiers, offers free education tours.  It is also one of the stops for Sydney’s ghost tours!

Rookwood houses a modern crematorium and multiple chapels, and also houses over 80 religions and cultural groups including:-

  • Anglican
  • Catholic
  • Church of England
  • Independent
  • Jewish
  • Minor Denominations
  • Old Catholic
  • Old Wesleyan
  • Presbterian

Contact Details:

Trust Cemeteries: -

Anglican Cemetery
Hawthorne Ave North, Rookwood 2141

 (02) 9746 2177

 AH (02) 9746 8932

Catholic Cemetery
Barnet Ave Rookwood 2141

 (02) 9649 6423

General Cemetery
Hawthorne Ave North, Rookwood

 (02) 9746 2177

Independent Cemetery
Paton St, Rookwood

 (02) 9749 1744

Jewish Cemetery
Hawthorne Ave (cnr Dawson St), Rookwood

 (02) 9746 5765

Muslim Cemetery
71 Wangee Rd, Lakemba 2195

 (02) 9759 5949

Rookwood Gardens Crematorium
Memorial Ave, Rookwood

 (02) 9746 8945

War Graves
Memorial Ave, Rookwood 2141

 (02) 9746 5565

Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium
Memorial Avenue
Rookwood Necropolis
P: (02) 9746 8945   F: (02) 9764 3270


Rookwood Anglican and General Cemetery Trust

The Anglican and General Cemetery Trusts are responsible for burial, care and maintenance of approximately one third of Rookwood cemetery. The communities the Anglican Trust look after include, the Anglican, Assyrian Christian, Serbian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Macedonian Orthodox, Mandaen, Maori, Armenian and Christian faiths. The General Trust looks after the Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Indochinese, Hindu, Druze and Islamic Faiths. Other religions are buried with the four Denominational Trusts that manage the rest of Rookwood Cemetery.

Their website (below) displays maps and also indicates they will soon have a grave search, which will be a valuable addition to the site.


Rookwood Independent Cemetery

Rookwood Independent Cemetery also incorporates the Frazer Mausoleum and the Mausoleum of Eternal Rest, various Orthodoxes (Greek, Russian, Antioch/Lebanese, Coptic and Syrian and Ukranian) and the Lutheran section.

The website (below) also includes a deceased search.

Paton Street
PO Box 9
Lidcome  NSW  1295


Friends of Rookwood Inc

P.O. Box 66
Lidcome Nsw 1825
P: (02) 9746 8433