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Here at Candlepines we feel undertaker is a very much more personal term than director lending itself to a lasting connection with the family. When we look back at one of the original meanings of the word we see that it is someone who 'understands and takes up a challenge on behalf of others'.

When we lose someone that we love and care deeply for it is challenging. It is hard to understand how we will get through the next day let alone be able to carry on with our lives. At Candlepines we understand and we will meet the challenge.

When choosing Candlepines you are dealing with a close knit team of family members who have the time to listen. We stay in touch with our families and offer practical support and help long after the funeral is over.

So, let our family take care of your family.

Why Candlepines?
Why such a different name? We chose the name because people identify with this pungent evergreen as a symbol of peace and love. Of all the more than 100 species of pine trees on earth, the candlepine stands unique as the only one of its type amongst them.

The Directors Phillip and Bronwyn Aspinall formed the company in November 2006. The couple who are highly regarded professionals, each with over 20 year's experience, have held senior management roles with some of the biggest operators in the industry. Phillip and Bronwyn share both the passion and ability to empathise with families and have a keen eye for detail ensuring funeral arrangements and services are performed according to your wishes.

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