Funeral Singers

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Honouring the memory of a loved one in the most special way is the wish of all family and friends of those we have held dear in life.

Funeral singers offers a unique and memorable tribute at this most important and often difficult time of life, using music to say what the spoken word often cannot.

Your experienced Funeral singers artist will perform a special tribute song, chosen by you and your family to reflect the life of your loved one with respect and distinction. Whether it be a favourite show tune, a modern love song or a rousing anthem, your Funeral Singers vocalist will honour your loved one in the most moving and memorable way.

Funeral Singers is a division of Zenith Media & Marketing Pty Ltd, who have been supplying quality singers and entertainers to all fields of the music industry for over 20 years.

Our extensive experience in handling vocalists and entertainers for all occasions, has given us the appropriate background to ensure only the best experience for families, at this most difficult of times.

Scot Finnie is a professional singer and vocal teacher with over 30 years' experience and over 3000 performances to his credit. He has performed and continues to perform for the cream of the International Music Industry, politicians, and remains the entertainer of choice for Sydney's social elite.

In addition to hand picking the best of Sydney's vocalists for Funeral Singers, Scot personally conducts orientation training for all vocalists, to endure they are prepared for the sensitive environment of funerals, and makes himself available for a limited number of funerals himself when required.

Scot's extensive experience and attention to detail ensure that every artist supplied by Funeral Singers is amongst the best in his or her field, and equipped to provide a moving and memorable tribute to the memory of those we have loved.