Guardian Funerals Incorporating Butler Funerals

Corner Broughton Street & Moore Street
Campbelltown, NSW     2560

02 4625 1854

02 4626 1144

The first Guardian Funeral provider was established in 1890 and the proud tradition of service continues today.

"Our role is to guide you through the options available to you and help you make the right choice to suit your spiritual, cultural, emotional and financial needs."

Professional and caring staff available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Liaison with funeral celebrants or clergy and coordination of any church requirements - for all denominations.

A place to hold a viewing.

On-site chapel facilities.

Co-ordinate cemeteries, crematoria, celebrants, florists, newspapers, musicians, and hire cars as directed.

An understanding of cultural and religious requirements.

Range of coffins and caskets.

After Funeral Catering Services available.

"What we liked was the way they gave us suggestions to pesonalise the funeral. They helped us with our ideas for the service to reflect Grandpa's life. They made it so it wasn't just another funeral, it was Grandpa's funeral. It was very special."
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