McGrath Foundation

PO Box 993
Manly, NSW     2095

0433 108 800

The McGrath Foundation was co-founded by Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn after Jane's diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

Approached by publishers Random House after her initial recovery to write a book about their experiences with breast cancer, Jane and Glenn wrote 'A Love For Life', an intimate and heartfelt story told from both their perspectives.

When Random House offered to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the book sales to charity, Jane and Glenn decided to set up the McGrath Foundation to raise awareness of breast cancer in women of all ages.

Then in 2003 while being treated for a secondary cancer, Jane had access to a breast care nurse for the first time and became aware of the huge impact they can have in a patient's physical and mental wellbeing during and after treatment. Jane now says that the nurse was like having someone hold her hand through one of the worst nightmares in her life, and allowed her to voice a lot of her frustrations and emotions to someone outside her immediate family, as well as having someone who could give informed answers to her many questions.

Three quarters of all women in Australia who undergo treatment for breast cancer have limited or no access to a breast care nurse, so Jane and Glenn decided one of the main aims of the McGrath Foundation would be to provide funding for breast care nurses on a national basis as well as provide greater public awareness of breast cancer amongst younger women.

Today the McGrath Foundation is headed by Tracy Bevan. Tracy regularly speaks to a wide variety of groups and individuals to raise awareness of breast cancer, generate support and raise money for the McGrath Foundation to fund specialist breast care nurses primarily in rural areas without current access to them.

To find out more about the McGrath Foundation, and how you might help, please visit their website.