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(07) 3369 4408

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At a time of grief, memories and details can be lost in the moment. By photographing the actual funeral, a visual presentation is kept for you to view at a time that suits you.

The photographic DVD of the Service can also be uploaded to the Internet, to share with distant family and friends.

Your family will have a unique visual presentation to celebrate and reflect of your Loved One's life, to keep forever and share with relatives and friends.

Photographic prints of the Service, Burial and Grave can be arranged for elderly relatives or distant family members who have no access to DVD.

- Memorial DVD for the Service, or of the actual funeral
- Church/Chapel/Crematorium/Graveside/Wake
- Online memories to share with overseas and distant family
- Discreet, non-intrusive, private grief is not intruded upon
- A decade of experience - a lifetime of memories

Once the photographs are taken, you never have to view them, but if I don't capture the special day, you can never view them.

It's one more thing you don't have to worry about, as you can be assured of my presence and your precious memories are preserved for future generations.

Wonderful life memories, captured forever!