Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Locked Bag 5
A'Beckett St, VIC     8006

(03) 9656 1111

(03) 9656 1400

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is truly unique within our public health system.

It is the only hospital in Australia solely dedicated to cancer and one of a few outside the US that has its own integrated cancer research programs and laboratories. This has given rise to many significant achievements, and earned Peter Mac an international reputation for excellence and innovation in cancer research, treatment and patient care.

There has never been a more exciting era of cancer discovery and survivorship. Scientific knowledge about the biology of cancer is growing at an extraordinary rate while new medical technologies have never been so sophisticated. With its unique expertise and dedicated focus, Peter Mac is best placed to leverage these important advancements.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation was established in 2002 to raise and steward the funds needed to transform exciting scientific opportunities into better clinical outcomes for those touched by cancer. The Foundation's current priority is to build corpus of funds that will provide enough annual revenue to fund initiatives of the highest priority and merit. This recurrent investment in Peter Mac's most promising work will ultimately create a better future for those touched by cancer.

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