Purslowe Funerals

15 Scarborough Beach Road
North Perth, WA     6006

08 9444 4835

08 9444 9185

Purslowe Funeral Homes provide the full range of traditional funeral services expected by Australian families. They will also go out of their way to meet the most unusual request and to ensure that each service is as personal as the Purslowe Funeral Homes staff can make it.

Services can be held in any of Purslowe's beautifully appointed chapels, which are accompanied by reception rooms designed to make the service convenient and comfortable for all who attend.

Staff at Purslowe Funeral Homes benefit from Australia's largest funeral training programme, which in turn benefits the public through higher standards of service and care. Much of this training has been developed within the Purslowe group and used around Australia.

Purslowe Funeral Homes also offer pre-arranged and pre-paid funeral plans. Funds are securely invested through "The Guardian Plan" and are managed in accord with all government requirements. Pre-planning takes away both the emotional and financial stress that can be associated with funeral arrangements when someone loved has died.

After the service the Purslowe Funeral Homes staff are still there to offer their support. Counselling and educational material about bereavement, funerals and grief management are all a part of the service.

Much of this expertise is used to benefit the wider community, such as the work done with the Palmerston Association - a support group for parents who have lost a child to a drug-related death. Purslowe Funeral Homes also actively support Rotary along many other sporting and community organsiations.
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