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1946 ~ 2007

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What a beautiful, moving, sad, happy service we had today.

As a fan, we were so privileged, that Billy's family inluded us, in his service, and allowed his casket to be there too.

Thank you so much, for allowing us to farewell him in this way.

I did not know Billy personally. However, everything that I have been able to see in him, from his concerts, interviews, and today, is that he was a man of love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and commitment. I would have loved to have known him personally.

My prayers and gratitude to his family,
Cathie Howard. 

Feeling very melancholy after watching the memorial service, shed a tear with Bryan Brown & Jack Thompson, then turned on the jukebox grabbed some beers & played the old 45’s of Twilight Time, Poison Ivy & Over the rainbow as well as some Easybeats, Normie Rowe & lots of other Aussies . Will treasure the memories of seeing long way to top concert. My thoughts & best wishes are with the family & friends

Footprints in the sand are what you can see where someone has been, my heart has the footprints of Billy Thorpe, he personified the way we viewed the world back then with love and caring for each other and we had dreams to chase..... Billy chased and lived his dream he will be deeply missed but the footprints that his music left in my heart will last forever ...
Condolences to his family and friends
From Macca 

Dear Thorpe Family

my name is Graham Morris, Billy thx 4 the Music The Memories and as long as we remember & play the Music U will NEVER be forgotten

THX BILLY May U rest in peace

Graham Morris, Elizabeth East. S.A

From a fan born the same year as Billy. I loved his music - particularly "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and used to practice my shorthand to "Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy" (a record that still keeps its place on my jukebox). A sad day for all us rockers and Aussie music. Love to all the family. Carol Jack.

the greatest joy i ever got was watching my two kids faces stand still then light up with life when BILLY brought a long way to the top to rocky. they heard me tell about the old rock n roll concerts i had been to enjoyed. BILLY YOU WERE LOUD WERE GREAT now my kids know what it is THANK YOU LOTSA LOVE the ganly's ps LYN, HIS BOOKS WERE FANTASTIC BECAUSE THE KIDS didn't put them down after they had started.THANKS AGAIN.

There was a great man Billy Thorpe his name
A rocker a legend his talent great fame
Surf city the place oh how she rocked
stovepipe pants and iridescent feet socked
the magic was felt when we did the stomp
this was the place that i learnt to romp
the purple lights that made our shirts white
billy entertained with all of his might
I remember the black paint that hid everything
all we wanted was for billy to sing
His magic remains it is in my head
rebel with a cause we all were led
over the rainbow mash potatoes were in
poison ivy an incredible sin
i dont know anyone who thinks he was crazy
definitely one you could not call lazy
Not a dry eye when i watched today
respecting a man who will always stay
in my heart and in my mind
messages of love not hard to find

and today is the day that time will stand still
over the rainbow our hearts do fill
Love is forever death does not take
love is for healing the wounds we make
not everyone has the gift that was yours
music breaks down impenitrable doors
Your family enriched with the love that was shown
Thorpie the legend forever will be know.

iris tait born in 49 my brother took me to surf city in 63 when he was in a support band. I will never forget. I have Billy's double album with all his hits on. awesome

To share a member of your family with someone else is difficult, to share with millions is unfathomable and yet your family has done it with pride, humor and integrity.
This showed in the glowing and heartfelt testimonies given at his to short memorial service today.
The talent of this wonderful man can not be surpassed by the love that he shared with his family as came across.
I truly feel your pain and sorrow as i remember fondly the time we talked at a concert backstage and he found out I was a runaway and he told me to ring home as my parents would be concerned.
Thank you Billy for the greatest advice ever given to a young girl and thankyou for the 10 cents to make that call. You were right, my parents were not that evil and mean as i thought.
May you guitar forever play, may your voice forever be singing and may your smile be forever there.
Please accept my deepest condolences and if I could hug you and take away your pain I would 

Love Billy Thorpe was brought up in a boys home in Phillip bay and it was up the road from long bay jail I stayed there for many years there was a man he called himself John Thorpe and said he was Billy Thorpes brother. Love Tom Simpson our deepest thoughts to his wife & daughter; you are a legend billy see you in the next life.

I am 33 yrs old and was born when the aztecs were coming to an end but after seeing billy play about 6 yrs ago I've since bought ever cd possible and became there biggest fan ........will always be in my heart and soul will be sadly missed

To Billy's Family,
I don't know you, but I would like you to know about your Father and Husbands influence on my life. I met Billy when I was about 14, I sneaked out to a concert, he wasn't playing but said hello as we watched the bands. His influence and impact on my life, from early teens until now cannot be measured. My love for Aussie rock started with Billy and the Aztecs, my heart breaks that such a wonderful ICON of my life in Aussie rock has gone far too soon, I feel as if I've been robbed,but my memories of times and places that I listened to his music will for ever stay in my heart, from My first break up, to my first child, to my inevitable funeral, His music has marked rights of passage through my life. I may loose a lot of things but memories can never be stolen or lost,
My heart and my thoughts are with you,
May he never be forgotten, well not while I breath,
Love and thoughts DezohnXXXXXXOOOOOO 

To the Thorpe family

My Mum and I just watched the tribute to Billy and it was one of the most fitting and moving celebrations of a life that I've ever seen. Having lost my Dad in a similar way 5 years ago my sympathy goes out to the family and I will forever treasure my albums and the Autographed copy of his book that I have. Also the GREAT memories of Sunbury all those years ago.

Thanks for the great music Billy and as you said to me in your autograph "Keep Rockin"
Sue Boardman - Sunbury 

We loved your passionate renditions of many songs (volume way up) and they will live on. You were a true rock legend with a unique charm.

Diane & Grant Dunphy, Butterwick

To Lynne Rusty & Lauren

In this sad and lonely time and the days to come - May God hold & keep you in the palm of his hand - may you remember all the love and good times you had with your husband and father. I will remember Billy for his music, and all the good things he did to help others.

God Speed Billy, and great jamming.

A Fan - Caroline Murray & Family

Rock on Billy - loved the ceremony today - G and G White

to the thorpe family and friends

I just watched the memorial to bill and i wanna say that it felt as thou I was there with u guys and all who watched I thnk u 4 the opportunity to say goodbye to THE LEGEND OF AUSTRALIAN ROCK N ROLL


We can remember watching Billy Thorpe on TV during our teenage years.
Billy you will be very sadly missed.
Our sincere condolences to the family.
Our prayers are with you all.

Kindest Thoughts
The Hokin Family 

what a fantastic entertainer! very sad to see him pass, will be greatly missed! an Australian icon.

A very sad day for Oz. Your music will always be on 10 when I play it. Rock on Billy. Sincere condolences to Lynne & the girls.

Scott & family, Newcastle.

Unfortunately, we all took you for granted. Maybe because you were always larger than life. The world is a better place due to your wonderful life & incredible input. Thank you for showing us such fun with your music.

My sincere condolences to you all, his family & many thanks for sharing him with us. I know your lives will have turned upside down & a huge painful hole has been created & I feel for you all.


Kind and Sincere thoughts to The Thorpe Family & Friends. Billy you were one of Australia's best rocker's and you will be sadly missed. Why do we always lose all the good guys.
Rest in Peace Billy.
Colin- Umina Beach. NSW. 

Most PPL I know, don't have a wide smile like Billy had, and that's what I will miss the most about Billy. Music is music, but it was the Man himself. Sincere condolences to his Wife and family.

Ch'erie, South Australia

Sincere condolences to Billy's family & friends.
A true Aussie Legend - Thanks for your music
Billy. Rock on...
Deb Riley W.A 

i only ever saw you play live once you opened for alice cooper at the palais was a rockin good nite but been listenin to your music for years even my ten year old daughter loves most people i know and sings along with it you maybe gone from our world but you will live on in our hearts and your music

my condolence to your family and friends
luke (ferret) unthank 45 years young
shari unthank 10 years old 


You always stayed locked away in that special place. so many years ago! that part will always remain.

I send the deepest sympathy to your wife and family.


big bold and brassy - brisbane boy conquered the music world
fellow brisbane boy 

Dear Lynne, my heart is broken and I am deeply saddened by your shock loss of Billy. My condolences to you and your daughters – please be strong.

Love Alice.

I grew up with Billy’s rock music running through my veins. I first saw Thorpey & his Aztecs at the Frankston Football Oval in 1972 and the experience will stay with me forever. I was extremely saddened by the news of Bill’s passing, but he will live forever in every rock-lover’s heart. RIP William Richard Thorpe. Thankyou for the great memories.

Steve Wickes (Bendigo)

We love you Billy, its the end of an era!
Jenny, Wyndham NSW 

Billy, The Legend. I saw all your concerts in Geelong. I will miss your music. What a sad time for your family, and what a sad time for Australian music. Oh Billy, I love you Billy.

Helen Clement.

'All things pass-away ' said Billy to me - when 1 of his amps at sunbury 73 - or was it 74 well - blu up he looked at me - and said Mittsze get the f other one - we got it on the stage just in time for this 20 min lead break - i had to hold the canon plug in by hand was falling out right next to that amp - when he got off stage he walked over to me and and gave me a hug-=

what a rock-God ! Mr of the door deal !

now there's a door deal in Heaven- see ya soon Billy. Chris Hallett. ( Mittsze) Eltham Melbourne.
To His Girls. what a dad what a man. Too Late To Die. 2007 . 

Billy, you were part of my life. Your music has never left me.

Jenny Willis

It is a sad time for the family, but also a sad time for Australian music. Read the 'warts and all' autobiography years ago and was astounded at such an amazing life. What a loss. The music will live on and so will the legendary birth of Australian Rock n Roll at the hands of Billy Thorpe. Celebrate his life and passion for his art, his legacy to music and striving Australian musicians is 'just never give up' things just get better with age.

Thanks Billy for so many memorable moments and some wonderful music.

Fay & Ian Peters

My love for Billy Thorpe has endured for 43 years, when, at 11 years old, I fell in love! I met him at the age of 16 and he was gracious enough to pose for a photo with me and another with my Mum. I treasure those photos!

The pain I feel at his passing must be only a fraction of the pain Lyn and the girls are suffering. My deepest sympathies are with his family at this time.

Thanks for the memories Billy
Catherine Lilley W.A. 

There were Entertainers and Rockers...then there was Billy Thorpe.....Rock on Billy.....

Like everyone else I still can't believe you're were so full of life - and always that cheeky grin. You were a wonderful surprise for your parents as you came along later in life for them. They were immensely proud of you Billy...if there is a hereafter I know you'll be with them again.

As a teenager I lived across the road from your mum and dad's shop..and remember more than once having to go there while you were visiting..just wish I hadn't been so shy and had spoken to you more. Then to my delight you recognised me a few years later...while you and the Aztecs were playing at the Surfer's Paradise beer garden.

I still live at Moorooka...just down the road from the flats where your parents lived. Thanks for the wonderful music, your endless energy and enthusiasm. You packed so much into your 60 years.

My condolences to your wife Lynne and daughters Rusty and Lauren. You will live on in everyone's hearts and memories. As the sign at your old school says "Vale Billy Thorpe..."


Dear Billy's family
please accept my condolences. Billy was always a lively "out there" passionate, powerful entertainer. I loved the "lock up your Grandma" tour which Billy brought to Mackay. Billy was always wild. I grew up with Poison Ivy off the Big Parade LP. Will always have fond memories of Billy. Take comfort that Billy will always be remembered.

Sincerely, Margaret

You're the pulse of Australian rock'n'roll. An inspiration mate. Still alive in our hearts.

xx Terry Page and Matt Hile


My fondest memories of my early teens revolve around you. The day I was walking down Rushcutter's Bay Road and suddenly you were in front of me. You stopped and talked to me and my friend - such a treat for a 13 year old, but then you were only 19 yourself then. Going to the Stadium to watch a concert and you walking in and sitting right in front of me, then turning around and offering me a malteser - I thought my heart would stop right then.

I always enjoyed your gigs - Surf City, the beach house, a couple of times at the Sydney Stadium. Of course there were the promotional shows at the then Grace Bros and running up behind the stage when you and the
boys were quietly sitting waiting to go onstage - you certainly got a shock when Mary and I appeared.

Thanks Billy for the music, it ended all too soon. My thoughts are with your family and friends.

Margaret Williams

Billy has gone to the rock'n roll heaven with the likes of elvis, jo'k. God bless Evelyn

On behalf of my best friend and myself, we wish to extend condolences to Billy's Family and close friends.
You are a legend Billy and will live on in the memories of thousands of be remembered, is not to die, but to be resurrected for eternity.
With love from Sharon & Bev (Adelaide) 

I've loved your music since I arrived in Australia in 1963. Your music will live forever.
Mary Doyle 

Thank you, Billy, for 4 decades of magic. Keep on rockin', mate. Love, thoughts and prayers are with Lynn, Rusty & Lauren....Your family and friends from near and afar

Billy I first saw you when I was 10, it was love or lust at first sight, you were my rainbow, my summer, my Aztec god. Thankyou for the memories I have of you I will treasure them and have them in my heart forever especially when I met u at a book signing advent, and at the Clipsal 500 concert I dragged my Husband to. Your framed photo my children gave to me on my 50th birthday will stay on my dresser forever. When I heard of your passing I felt I have lost my best friend, my heart is breaking. By the way i didn't think you were crazy i thought of you as perfect and that also of your music. My heart goes out to Lynn, Rusty and Lauren and the music industry for losing such a wonderful legend. Please keep on Rockin Peaceman
Love Always Vicki Nelson Adelaide 

Sitting on hill at midnight at a rock festival, 15 years old chanting THORPIE with thousands of fans,then you are rocked by the first chord. What a memory. R.I.P.

With you, goes the best of our generation.Thank you for being you.You'll still be with us as long as one has memories. a fan called Terry

I'm so sad that you and us now have to live in a world without Billy. I know you don't want to say was because he IS the best. Goodbye to the most beautiful voice on earth. Heaven is in for a treat. Keep strong Billys' family, friends and fans. Memories linger. From a heartbroken admirer. I can't begin to imagine your pain and huge loss. My thoughts are with you and someday I hope your beautiful memories will heal and bring some joy back into your life. jennifer

Billy I went through the many changes in music with you from TCs Sound Lounge in Brisbane in the early 60s to the original Aztecs to today.Although we never met until the 90s when you used to visit your mother in Noosa and every time you stayed at the Sheraton Noosa where I work it was like we were lifelong friends. We were!!!You were to Australian Rock music what John Lennon was to World Rock music.Thank you for keeping me young (61). My love to Lyn and the girls .

Gary and Franky Brooker (Procol Harum) send their condolences to the family. How else would you leave us Billy "Fast and into the Night" and leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. I wont give up to the pipe and slippers but keep rocking.
Oop oop a do
Brian McClafferty
Lobby Ambassaor
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa 

You gave us so much Billy. It was great to grow up influenced by your music & to have some pleasures to work with you. Memories that will last a lifetime! You be greatly missed in the Australian Music Scene. You gave us more than just music!! Keep on rockin’!!!! Cheers, Steve W

our thoughts are with the Thorpe family. he will be missed by us all. the Mckersies

To Billy's wife and family, please accept my sincere condolences on the tragic loss of your Husband and Father.

Billy, I was 12 years old when your brilliant music captivated my life, and I have always been a huge fan.
My children have grown up listening to the many records and cd's I have and they too love your music.

For years and years, I had driven my family mad saying that I would give anything to see you and Lobby play together, and I remember sending countless entries into Hey Hey It's Saturday to win a chance to have you play in my backyard. Unfortunately I didn't win!

However, my biggest dream was realised last year when I was privileged to be one of the many fans that had come to the Palace in Melbourne for the Lobby Lloyd Tribute Concert. Not only did I get to see you and Lobby play together, my son had written to the promoter and we were given passes back stage to the after party. That night was absolutely spectacular and I was so honoured to meet you and have my photo taken with you and Lobby.

Billy, you will be sadly missed and you really were a TRUE LEGEND. KEEP ON ROCKIN' BILLY because I know my darling husband who I lost late last November will be there waiting for the party to begin....

Thank you for the many wonderful years of music that I will cherish forever.


Hey Billy,

The Australian Music Scene will never be the same. Yes, it is a shock to us all. I will be buying all your cd’s.

May our condolences be with you.

Darryl, Marg and the Rouland clan, Melinga, NSW

I remember as if it was only yesterday, of being a young fan dancing in the aisle of the Adelaide Town Hall while Billy sang Mashed Potato. He was an Australian Icon and he will be remembered by everyone who every played his records, listened to his music on the radio or had the privilege of seeing him in live concert. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family in particular. He will never be forgotten and may he rest in peace.

Aileen Dolheguy Winkie South Australia

Billy, you are and always will be, a huge part of our lives - Thank You and Sincere Condolences to your Family - Grant Hyman and Friends.

Billy Thorpe - I just cannot believe it! I saw you at the Sunbury pop festival back in the 70's you made that festival..... You were the only singer/guitarist I wanted to see there... THE SUNBURY FESTIVAL WAS YOU!. You were the only person who could sing "Some where over the rainbow" and make me cry. You will never die - your spirit will live on through your music.

You have touched so many peoples lives with your music - We will remember you for ever.....

My condolences goes to his family.

Lyn - CBR

I had the greatest privilege of meeting you Billy at one of the many concerts I went to just to hear that loud and magic voice of yours. You autographed your book “Sex and Thugs and Rock'n'Roll” for me with ‘Keep on
Rocking Girl’. That’s all I have done since then. My theme song in my life has been “Most People I know, Think That I'm Crazy”. At the “Long Way to the Top” concert you saluted the audience now it’s time TO SALUTE THORPIE. Thank you for the music. You will be sadly missed – there will never be another THORPIE.

I am 58, loved Billy when I was a young teenager, still love him today. Still listen to his music today.

He is a legend.
Annette, Cairns 

I remember growing up loving him and his music but when he returned to Australia and came up with the idea of along way to the top that started me off again. I was at the woolshed picton when he performed and the place was charged with electricity and a young man wanted to know why all the older women were so excited about this old guy. Then Billy came on stage and turned up the volume and the reverb and he was just as hooked as we were we love you billy rock on.

To Billy's family so sorry for your loss it's an enormous one I'm sure it's a great thing these days to be married to one person for so long and that shows a great side to the man and the family.

love Merilyn

To Billy's family. he was fab. and will be sadly missed. my first record was his lp when i was 14 years old. i am 58 tomorrow. 3rd of march... along with every one else . i loved him... my regards.

My Husband and I were lucky enough to see Billys' brainchild - "A LONG WAY TO THE TOP" twice at Newcastle Entertainment Theatre - and I can tell you - you felt young again. Close your eyes and you were back in the 70s' . We hadn't had so much fun for such a long time. So did all the musos - it was shown on everyones faces.

Truely Billy you brought the best out of everyone, and you surely were AT THE TOP. Legend. Find peace at the end of the rainbow.

Always in our thoughts Bert and Simone

I was sad to hear the news that Billy Thorpe had died of a heart attack yesterday.
He was a great singer he will be sadly missed. 

Billy, I first saw you at Forbes, in '65, you changed my life, just like you changed everyones. I met you again, for the 6th time at the Penrith R S L club in Dec 2006, you changed my life yet again, you gave life to us all.
You told me , "I'm flying, man." Yes you were.
You took us to the rainbow and back again. Love you always and forever.
Dave Burt. Kingswood.

What a sad loss not only for the music industry but for the world and his legion of fans. When I heard the news, I was driving and had to pull over as I could not see through the tears. You will be sadly missed, but your music will live on forever.

My condolences to his wife Lynne and the girls.

I was 15 years old when I saw Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs in Rockhampton and it was loud. I am now nearly 50 and playing gigs every week, on the side of my mixing console is a sign it simply says "If its too loud you're too old". I believe in every muso in the world has a little piece of Billy in them, I'm going to let that piece out tonight.

On behalf of the "Party Animals" Duo, I would like to extend our condolences to Billy's family.
Billy you may have departed this world, but legends never die.

Gary Toon 

I wept for hours when I heard the news. I first saw Billy at Surf city when I was about 15. My parents were visiting family in Sydney so my cousins & I sneaked in to do the stomp. Our parents would have killed us if they knew. The cross was no place for young ladies, especially in the 60's. But oh what a buzz!

His star shone way back then & how could anyone resist that infectious grin? Billy, you were part of a generation that was just the best to grow up in. You will be sadly missed.

My sincere condolences to all of the family.
Rest peacefully. Diane, Maroochydore 

Condolences to the Thorpe family, the first record I ever owned was most people I know, and most people I know will be sad by his loss, my personal thoughts are another truly great Australian has passed away, a very, very sad day for Australia.

You were the original and the best.
Sincere and deepest condolences to Billy's family
Rock in Peace.

Greg Andrew, Hallett Cove South Australia

Hey All,

I just want to say that I am deeply saddened by Thorpie's death. A rock legend who was and is loved by all, and who will be sadly missed. Billy there is always a place in my heart for you buddy and I'm proud of that.

R.I.P Billy, loadsa luv hazardgirl

love ya music Billy

Pauline and Bin

Keep on rocking Billy,
With the greatest respect and love,
From Me and my mates - Michelle and Maxine, Frank and Jane 

Billy - May you rock in heaven as loud and proud as you touched all Australians,

As a young teenager I meet Billy at Dandenong town hall, I was a roadie with another local rock band (Clyde House). I new then that I was in the presence of a Rock Legend; he was everything that he should be.

You will be missed, Billy say hello to John, Jimi.

David. A.

To Billy Thorpe's family and close friends, I offer my sincere condolences. Billy you made my life a joy with your music and I thank you for that. I first saw when I was 15 and at 46 I can still say I love your music.
Peace and Love
Aerma, Woolgoolga, Australia

my heart goes out to Billy's family

some of the best memories in my life are watching Billy's shows
watching Billy being arrested for swearing on stage at the woodside hall in griffith nsw
the sydney opera house concert
Billy and Mick Fleetwood playing at the griff hotel . in griffith nsw
and about 18 months ago Billy playing at the griffith leagues club
rock on Billy
rock and roll heaven is going to be upstaged by the best

david duxbury, griffith nsw


The only thing my Dad ever did right was to own all your records. All through my tough childhood out west I listened to your records and dreamed of being you, singing like you, to just have that light you have inside.

That dream helped me through some of the toughest and hungriest times of my life and now I may not have all that, but I am living my dream life in the music industry entertaining people everyday. I have you to thank for it.

Meeting you on the few occasions I did was a honour that is more than words on a page can convey. You were so kind but so mischievous and undoubtedly the greatest live act Australia has ever produced if not the world.

I wish I was old enough to have seen you at Surf City and Sunbury but I did get to see you upteen times in the last few years and for that I'm thankful. I can't imagine not being able to do that again...

Australia has lost its Elvis and the last of the great sh#t stirrers.

My heart goes out to Lynn, Rusty and Lauren, I can imagine what a great Dad and Husband Billy was to you. I also send lots of love to my friend Patty who I know is also mourning her childhood friend and mischeif maker.

Your legacy and music will live on Billy, every time I and every other young singer you have inspired walks out on stage, you will be there screaming in our ear "Louder! Feel it you F#CKER"

Rock on Billy.
Rob - Everything Entertainment.

I drove my husband crazy with “Mashed Potatoe” Sing it for him now Billy he is there with you. I was lucky enough to see you in concert at Seagulls. I have had a long association with your music, I was a teenager when you were and the memories will always stay with me. To Lynne , Lauren and Rusty I hope you find the peace Billy would want for you

Babs Brisbane

you were truly a legend to me Billy ....i admired you all my life and was deeply saddened to hear of your departure from us ...rock on and kick arse in heaven mate eternal memories and love......greg sweeney.




Your music lives on in me and my three sons and my 7 grandchildren.
Rock on, Maz and Mob

I am shocked at the passing of a Rock Legend like you, Billy. My condolences to your family. You are a legend. Rest in Peace.
Chris & Deanne

Our hearts go out to Billy's family. You will be missed Billy, you are a true legend.You will rock our world forever.

Ken & Joanne yerrinbool

Billy, you will be sadly missed. Our thoughts go to your wife and your daughters. Most people I know think that I'm crazy brings back so many memories to us. Thank you so much for your music you were are true legend.

Graham & Karen.