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Peter Brock, quite simply, you were my hero. Motor racing has lost a true ambassador - Bathurst will never be the same for me.

Helen Bromley



You were an idol of mine for as long as i can remember ( since I was 2 ). I will for ever cherish our talks about the brock commodores and racing and life in general, and treasure my books and things that you personally signed for me, always with a cheerful message. Those messages now, meaning more than ever.

You will never be forgotten, you will always be in our hearts. You were a true gentleman.



Jodie, Darren and Jarett.


You were born to race,

Peter Brock - You shared your wisdom with me and your words still ring true everyday in my life - I thank you for living the dream and helping others see how to live life true. A champion of champions you will always be, and you will never be forgotten by me as your spirit soars forever.

Mykl Lozin


Rest In Peace Brocky, Thanks for the memories.

D & I Tassie


I am extremely saddened and shocked by the tragic accident that has claimed the life of our "Peter Perfect"

Brocky was my hero from a very young age. Watching Brocky drive was a must either on TV or being trackside. His driving inspired and excited all of us. 9 Bathurst wins and 3 championships prove that Brocky really was a true legend and "King Of The Mountain". Very talented and very passionate about his motorsport. He was more than just a driver, he had plenty of time for his fans and also done some amazing things through his Peter Brock Foundation and also helped all over Australia with road safety.

You will be sadly missed Brocky, u were not only Mr Motorsport that got V8's to where they are today, but you also made a massive contribution to so many other things. We will never forget you.

RIP "Peter Perfect" Brocky "King Of The Mountain"

Your memories will be with me forever.
Leopold, Victoria


Brocky you came you saw you concered god bless you i will miss you, you legend.................................


What do you say when someone you don't know but feel you do know, dies. I was fortunate to meet Peter Brock on a number of occasions over the years and he always had the ability to make you feel special. His focus when speaking to you made you feel like the most important person to him. I will always remember his eyes, they really were the windows to the soul. Peter was a gentleman, a professional and a legend.

I cried when I heard the news and I continue to cry on hearing his family and close friends talk about the man he was.

My deepest sympathy goes to those who knew him best Bev, his children and his new partner. Also my sympathy to the racing fraternity especially Craig Lowndes who extols the same virtues as Peter, they were the master and the apprentice. Craig you will always carry on the Brock spirit.

Peter you will be missed deeply, sitting on Brocky Hill will not be the same without you. I still can not believe you have gone. The world lost a good man on you passing. May your star continue to shine bright in the next life.

All my love Belinda Powell xxxx


Brocky - the mountain won't be the same without you. In fact, Motorsport as a whole will never be the same again.

Hope heaven is filled with Monaro's and Torana's. RIP King of the Mountain

Sincere sympathy to the Brock family - I never had the pleasure of meeting Brocky but it feels as though a member of my own family has died.

Wendi Nisbet


Peter Brock nearly always signed his autograph with "enjoy" or "live life"..this simple words that he wrote alongside his signature seem to mean so much more now than they ever did.

He loved life and we loved him..and he loved us too.

People throw the word legend around at nearly any sports star these days..Peter Perfect was a true Legend....and Legends live on.

As so many signs at Bathurst once said "Thanks for the memories Brocky".

Holden's rule!!
Mark Burrell


Having a Father who loves all types of motor sport, I grew up at Lakeside and Surfers Paradise raceways. Peter Brock was and always will be my HERO. As I sit here and write this my heart is breaking and the tears are again flowing hard and fast.

To The Brock family our deepest sympathy.

FAREWELL BROCKY - a man who gave so much to so many. We love you and we will miss that winning smile.

Leanne and Ray.


Peter Brock, our hearts broke Friday afternoon, it was like I had lost a part of me. From watching V8’s with my dad from about 12, to now you have been there.

Thank you for the memories, the photos, the signatures, but you have been so large as life all my life and now that is gone, I sit here and cry as it is like a bad dream. Deepest sympathy to Bev and the family. I hope for all your family, friends, fans, all who loved you that our own precious memories of you will help us

All to smile a little easier each day and enjoy our memories and love for you. R.I.P. Brocky,”Mr. Holden.” Donna and Brett.



Deepest sympathy to all of Peter's family, friends and colleagues. A true Aussie success story. A legend who will never be forgotten. RIP

On behalf of the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association, Mildura


When I heard the news about my ONLY hero in this world died, I was so speechless and burst into tears. The man that I looked up to is gone. Mymemories will stay forever and I will never forget the man I stood in line for 2 hours at Qld Raceway just to get a photo and a signature. He was a true blue Aussie. He is the only person who would stayed until all his fans got his photos and signatures. There will be a big emptyness when I go to the track and know that his smiling face will not be around. I know he will be still do what he loves up in heaven. I will miss you heaps and you will always be in my heart.
Kellie K


I first remember Peter Brock when he raced the great 'Torries' against Moffat. Always being a 'fordie' myself, I converted to 'Commo's' last November. Shocked at the sad news last Friday, went for my first V8 Super car ride on Sunday & you were with me 'Brocky'.

Brocky is driving on now on the big circut in the sky........My heart goes out to Bev......their drive ended all to soon....she deserves the final chequered flag !

RIP Brocky, Peace & love to Bev & the had the glory days with him

Dear Peter,

As a young man growing up in the 90s we all have hopes and dreams and with those come our inevitable heroes, who offer us inspiration, memories fun and joy and then pain, eg Bathurst lap 50 1997.

Never in my life has news of someone passing upset me so much it's not true I wept it can't be its Brockie, he is simply perfect how could this happen to him?

Although I am too young to remember the majority of your Bathurst wins, your determination, spirit and fortitude will live on inside me.

Cheers Brockie, Long live the 05!

Rob Relton


Bev and family,

I was involved with Peter personally and in the Motor industry for over thirty years.
My deepest sympathy to yourself, your family and Peter's family.
Steve Markwell


To Bev and children, Deepest heartfelt sympathy Peter was a pure gentleman and one of Australia's greastest icon he will be sadly missed by the whole country for his kindness and generosity they say God only takes the best whichis true as Brokky is the best.
Chris from Geelong


No words can describe the impact you have had on so many people. All we can say is that our deepest condolences go out to the entire Brock family and Brocky, you are a true Aussie icon mate. Long live the 05 legacy. Rest In Peace "Peter Perfect" & thanks for the memories and contributions you gave each & every one of us. You will never be forgotten. Legend.

Travis & Carly


All we can say is he will never leave my heart 05 will live forever, And we know he will still be doing laps in heaven.

Our deepest simpathy goes to the Brock family

Ken, Leanne and Hayley Russell



You may have left this earth much earlier than we all expected, but you will never leave our minds or our hearts.

This week was the hardest week in our lives, first my father-in-law, then Steve Irwin and then you. We send our deepest sympathies to your families, especially Bev. Our house has your name and face everywhere, so we will never forget.

We Love you and loved the way you raced, always Peter Perfect.

R.I.P. Peter Brock 05 1945 to 2006

Sam, Jamie & Matt always in our hearts.



My Hero has gone,
I only ever had one and it was you,,,,,,
I looked up to you, aspired to be like you,,,,,,
and every time you teard down that mountain I wished I was you,,,,,
although we never meet, I wished we had,,,,,,
friends come and go but heroes never die
you will always be my hero............................



No words can express the heartfelt loss our family feels following Peter's death. He was a great inspiration to my fiance, who, since the age of 12, raced sporting the number '5' proudly on his speedway racecar (the closest thing to 05 allowed).

Brockie was his hero and we are deeply cut by the tragedy of his death. Never again will there be a driver as talented, compassionate and well loved as Peter Perfect.

R.I.P the great race track in the sky - you will always be King Of The Mountain

Gone but not forgotten
Duane and Paula


Best there ever was..
Ruled the race track..
King of the Mountain!!

Rest In Peace Brocky! You're a bloody Legend mate, and you will be sadly missed!
You have left behind a legacy, and you are a reason to inspire others!

Thanks for the memories mate!!!

Perth, W.A



You are our hero no one can replace you. You always had time for everyone. We spent many hours in 36 degrees heat waiting to get a photo with you at the summernats boy was it worth it, as it takes pride of place in our living room. You will be greatly missed by all motor sport fans. Our deepest sympathy to Bev and your children.

The Hayes
Canberra A.C.T.


Dear Beverly, James, Robert, and Alexandra,

We were devastated when we heard of Peter's passing, and cannot imagine how you all must feel. As a child growing up I remember sitting at Peter's sister's home in Shepparton, with his neice Pauline, who was my best friend at the time, dinking Rosso Antico and Lemonade that Peter had made me. I'll never forget it, and it will forever remain one of my fondest memories, along with his friendly nature and your captivating smile Bev. He lived with grace, dignity and courage. His immeasurable love, loyalty, passion and humour will remain with us all forever. He was a man for all seasons and for all people. Draw strength from the love he gave you all as you continue on life's journey without him.

Time does not heal a broken heart,
Or stop a silent tear,
Or dim the precious memories,
Of a man, a ledgend loved so dearly;

I'll think about you often,
I'll talk about you too,
I have such precious memories,
But I wish we still had you;

Deep are the memories,
So precious they will stay,
No passing of time,
Will take them away,
Life is not measured by the time you lived,
But by the love you gave and the things you did;

Big was your heart,
Your friendship was true,
You were loved and respected,
By all you knew,
When we speak of you with love and pride,
We will smile through tears we can not hide.

Peter Brock - In our hearts you will forever stay!

Kindest regards and deepest sympathy go out to you all Bev in this time of sorrow.

With much love Debra (nee WATT), Robert (Bob), Richard (Dec), Andrew (Dec), Kristine and Brian Mahy.



To the brock family,

I send my sympathies and condolences at your loss, he will be sadly missed.

He was a true legend.

Wylie Family


Dear Peter,

It was a pleasure working with you on the “Best Western Mount Panorama Resort” and you will be greatly missed. You were and remain in spirit a very inspirational person who in a short time was able to share a lot and leave a lasting impression.

You loved the fans and the industry, I hope we can get the 24 hour race to Bathurst. You were a very genuine man and the empathy you held for people was inspirational.

Michael Philpott
Tourism Brokers

Brocky, I have been deeply saddened by this unfortunate and shocking accident. You were, and very much, still are a great hero of mine. I bought a Torana to be part of what you were, an Aussie legend. You ment a lot to me, I loved your skill as a driver and as a true gentleman as well. I miss you and am finding it extremely difficult to come to complete terms with this loss.

I feel for your family and closest friends, and send my utmost condolences.

I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but i will still have the great memories of Peter "king of the mountain" Brock.

RIP, 05 will be in our hearts forever.



Brocky, I have watched you at Bathurst since I was 8 years old. I couldn't wait for the Great Race each year to see what you would do next. It was great to finally meet you in 2004 and I was hoping to see you again at Targa West when you flew through my flying finish post at Chittering, but that was not meant to be.

You were and always will be a true gentleman of Australian motorsport. My love of all things with 4 wheels now is because of you. You will be sadly missed. My deepest condolences to your family & friends.

Irene Lowe
Perth, Western Australia


Brock you Rock!

Even us Ford drivers think you where the "Greatest". Not only the "greatest" driver but the best "bloke" in Australian History!!

Missing you already mate!


It is just so hard to believe that he is gone, Peter will be sadly missed by all walks of life. He was and still is a Legend.

Graham, Sue & Sarah


Hey Brocky,

You are a true aussie champion, we all loved you and your memories will remain with us FOREVER! You always had time for us “your fans” and that never went un noticed. I can still remember a guy at Bathurst that had a shirt on it said “Peter Brock is GOD” well he is right! I hope you're cutting laps up there big fella.

Memory for ever


Brocky man, you're a champion that i will never forget. Never forget the memories of seeing you cross that line over and over. At least in heaven you can race. Godspeed. Deepest Sympathies to your family.

Lataz mate, Eddie


Deepest sympathy to all the family
from Merv & Lorna Lorraine



When we heard the news about your tragic death, my husband and I couldn't believe it. We were in a state of shock. You were one of his greatest hero's. He has admired your career since he was youngster and always thought you and Holden were the best.

Motorsport will never be the same again.

Our deepest sympathies go out to your family. You will be sadly missed.






05 - Forever Rest in Peace, Peter, I have been a fan since you started, my life and a multitude of others have been made better by knowing you. You never said no to an autograph or photo, you are a one of life's true gentlemen. GO, King of the Mountain
Darryl & Bernadette Dick
Wynyard Tasmania Australia


you are a legend no-one will ever forget get you, I know I will miss you - you will allways be king of the mountain Deepest sympathy to all your family. Rest in peace,
From Flo Prosser Nowra

Pit row has gone quiet,
we all stand in awe
of the news that has broken,
we'll see "05" no more.

Fare well Peter, you'll always be the king of the mountain. God speed cobber.


The legend will always live on in my heart. You have been my families number one hero and always will be. We will miss you but never forget you. Motorsport will never be the same but it will live on in your memory forever.

RIP. Our deepest sympathy to all his famiy.
From the Britt Family,Melbourne


My Ultimate Hero has gone to the big race track in the sky &As I can imagine how devastated brocky's family & friends are I too am absolutely shattered..

I have mountains of memomories of the my greatest hero of all time & I will cherish my memories of the several times I was lucky enough to meet the greatest of them all...

My love & thoughts are with everyone who was touched by this brilliant man. Long Live the true King, Maker & Conquerer of The Mountain...
Race In Peace my Hero.
Lots & Lots of Love


Well I guess the chequered flag has dropped for the last time, Brocky has been a life long idol of mine and will be sadly missed but never forgotten, the legend will live on forever in history. At least he lived true to his words, he always went at ten tenths, lived life, gave it a red hot go and enjoyed life. A true gentleman and inspiration to many aussies. Rock those pearly gates Brocky, God speed, long live the undesputed king of the mountain and those 2 sacred numbers 05.

Our deepest sympathy to all of his family,
from the Evans family, Queensland


To the many friends fans and family of Peter Brock may Peter's exceptional work for motorsport and the helping of the less fortunate in the community I hope that his work will be carried on and the memories of the great person he was live on forever.
Jason Crookall
Valvoline (Aust)

Sadly missed and rest in peace
From Om


Peter, I like thousands of others, grew up watching you and wanting to be like you. You were able to make a car do things it wasnt designed to do. My wife,children and I were fortunate to meet you a few years back and form a friendship that we will cherish maybe gone but you will never be forgoten.YOU LIVED LIFE !
Cheers Max Sheree Carl and Leila


He was a good man who died young and doing what he loved best and may he rest in peace.
He was my hero and a well liked person for every-one. So long peter brock we will miss you very much.
Bye for now
Megan and family


The loss of a person is felt by many especially if that person had a giving and touching life... Our heartfelt sympathy to all of Peter's family.... RIP King of the Mountian.......
Rouse Family
Cessnock NSW




For as long as I can remember I never missed a Bathurst, then along came this young man with all the skills. He became my hero, so cool so calm so much talent all in one man called Brocky, Peter Perfect, The King of the mountain. With fond memories I will never forget the man who was born to be king.

To all of Peter's family my heart felt sympathies.

The Mills family
Kalgoorlie WA.


I have always been a huge Brock fan from the first time I saw Brocky race at the Mountain many years ago. From then I've collected anything I could get my hands on related to Brocky. Hearing the news on the radio at work, was more than a shock, I was left with an incredible lump in my throat and was speechless. I've always idolised him like I do my own Father, and to then get home that night from work and look at my Brock collection I was left in tears as I'm sure thousands of others were and still are. My wife Mandy and I are still in disbelief of such a legend and skilled driver as Brocky was to have passed away but he will remain a legend and a complete gentleman in our hearts and minds forever.
Sadly missed


As a member of the NSW HDT/ HSV Car Club and President for 3 years I can say our car club was born because of Peter Brock and his magnificent cars. He was a life member and regularly attended club meetings with enthusiasm and dedication to us the proud owners of these Brock machines. He would talk and sign anything without question and with sincere care of each individual no matter what. I clearly remember having 3 items to sign but because of the large attendance at this particular club meeting Paul (grumpy) Weissel instructed Peter to only sign one. Peter defiantly & promtly replied,"NO" I will sign all 3 and sat down with me as if I was the only person in the room and spoke to me as he casually signed all 3. This was the kind of man he was to his very important fans.

I also went for a drive around Lang Lang Holden test track with him in a HSV Senator. He came to a sharp left hand turn and said in a very calm manner, "did you feel the tail hang out there?" . I thought to myself I must be in a different car as I felt nothing. I conveyed this to Peter so on the second time through the same corner he let the tail hang right out. He then said in a more determined voice, "well did you feel it that time", I could not answer for the fear that had just gone through my body. Such talent I had never witnessed.

We stayed at the Brock village on a few occasions for Bathurst. It was such a memorable 4 days sleeping in a girls dormitory with no walls between the beds. Eating baked beans for breakfast. Men snoring talking laughing and f--ting all night that sleep deprivation set in. But it was all worth it for the results on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for the memories on and off the track and condolences to Bev and their families for such a sad and sudden loss of a proud Australian never to be forgotten. Good bye Peter.
See ya." Live The Dream" forever.
Barry Wright.& Rhonda Joughin


A true hero that will be so sadly missed in the racing industry, we send our heartfelt sympathy to all of Peter's family, many fond memories, so long THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN

Kostecki Motorsport


To all Peter's family and fans,
I was so very sad to hear of his passing he will be looking down on all of us from up in the clouds and telling us all not to be so sad just remember all the good times we have all shared with Peter in his motor racing. we may not see him anymore in life but Bev he will always be just arond the next bend, fair dinkem.

Margaret Kent.
Goulburn. NSW.


Although we are devoted Ford fans we are very much motorsport devotees and long time officials. It is with a very heavy heart we bid farewell to the greatest driver Australia has ever produced. Your achievements and inspiration to all will never be equalled. To all his family and many friends we pass on our condolences and love. Motorsport & Australia is a sadder place without Peter. We met Peter many times and he always had time for his fans.

RIP and many tears are flowing for this great man.

Peter & Chris
Salisbury SA


At the age of 30 I have watched Brocky since I could walk. He was a mentor in many ways , and his attitude to driving challenges and the way he approached them helped with the way I then approached them. Everything stopped to see Brocky and everything still does. My greatest memory was meeting him and having a conversation. He was a true gentleman, and a man who took time out for his fans. My wife and I named our first son Brock. Deepest sympathy to Peter's family and closest friends, and everyone else who loved him. Rest in peace.




Aussie Motorsport has lost it's favourite son.
You are and always will be an Aussie Legend,
Our deepest sympathy to all your family.

Mick & Vickie Barson
Perth WA



You are a legend and you always will be in the minds of all motorsport fans. We will miss you heaps. Not seeing you at Bathurst this year will really hurt, we will get the holdens home for you. You were killed in a tragic accident...but you died doing something that you loved. We will miss you and it will hurt for many days to come.

We love and will miss you heaps.

Our sympathies goes to all of the Brock family, the V8 Supercar family and to all of his friends.

Rest in Peace MATE

Shan & Brad
Melbourne (VIC)


In my eyes Brocky is a legend, all my life growing up watching him race, he was an unbelievable race car driver. As I got older he began to talk about safety on the road, which he taught me a thing or two and hopefully taught other young drivers a few good rules of safety. It takes someone special to take time out of his life to care about others.

Brocky you rule, Rest in peace mate.
M. Mifsud and mates.


I was racing an Elfin Sports Car in the mid Sixty's when i first met Brockey, He had the Austin A30 at the time,The way he drove then and in later years never changed he was allways a very hard driver,but also a very fair driver, in all the years i have been interested in Motor Sports,Both as a compeditor and a spectator, I have had a great respect for Peter,And in all this time i have never seen a change his way with anybody he came in contact with, I feel we all will miss Peter Very Very much
Tom Hatton


I was very saddened by the news of Peters passing.
My condolences go to Bev & his children.
Peter was my hero and always will be I my heart.
God bless him & his family.


what a hero the legend


When news spread of the loss of this Aussie racing legend, more tears were Australia and the rest of the world were still trying to come to terns with the sudden passing of Steve Irwin, hearing about Peter was simply devastating.

As an aussie who grew up on 'football meat pies kangaroos and Holden cars', I am sure I share the same sentiment with plenty more when saying he was a huge part of Aussie culture and history and is going to be terribly missed.To me, well he was, and always will be, the Holden Man! My husband lives for his 'holdens' and thanks to him I have had the pleasure of learning heaps about each different make and model, right down to his latest Commodore. The dream continues while his dad passes down to another generation, the beauty of these cars, and for his 13th birthday had a 'Brockie' cake served at his party!!

Peter has left a wonderful legacy to so many Holden fans and from just one more, Id like to send my condolences onto his loved ones, whilst taking this moment to say thankyou for all the fantastic thrills and memories.

Whilever his memory is kept alive he will never die!

Keep on Brocking!!!


The Hines Family
St Marys North
NSW 2760


Brocky was a hero to myself and my family. Growing up I remember watching Bathurst every year and feeling all the highs and lows of team year in year out, but it was the news on Friday afternoon that by far would have to be the lowest day in motor sport, when the news broke of Peter's passing. I found myself shedding tears, for a loss of a true down to earth legend a black day for all race fans and I am thankful that I had a chance to meet him a few times over the years whilst attending race meets. My sincere and deepest condolances to Bev, his children and his young grandchild. We can all look back on his life and remember him with fondness for not only what he has done for motor sport but the many things that he has achieved through the Peter Brock Foundation.

Good Bye Brocky, thanks for the memories. You are a true legend and a champion.


Jodie (long time devoted fan)


brocky part of my life is now void remembered always forgotten never thanks for giving me so many hours of enjoyment watching a true legend perform the king of the mountain lives forever


Our hero is gone but he will never be forgotten he made holdens what they are today we will miss you brocky RIP

I started watching Bathurst 25 yrs ago as a 10 yr old and Peter Brock was automatically my hero. Every year without fail from that day Sunday motorsport was my highlight. My thoughts are with Bev, James, Robert, Alexandra and Julie. Motorsport has lost a great man and no matter if your flag flies blue or red just remember that number 05 and keep the legend alive
B McLoughlin

Peter Brock
you will always be my hero
rest in peace brocky
you will be missed


To Bev and family,We were totally devistated to have lost our racing hero and idol. Have watched Peter race so many times at Bathurst and he gave us so many exciting times. Peter will be so sadly missed by us all.Our deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Christine and Louise Splithof [devoted fans]


The members of the Royal Wollongong Car Enthusiasts Club would like to express their deepest and most respectful condolences to Brocky's family and close friends.

We grew up with Peter and love him or hate him we respected him for the legend and gentleman that he was. If Brocky was racing at Amaroo or Oran Park we were there and if he wasn't ,neither were we. The man was a genius. He could make a car sit up and talk.

In the pits he always made time to talk to us and tell us about the car and the race. Win or lose, Brocky was a champion and Australian racing will never be the same again.
We'll miss you Brocky.


Two Australian legends gone in one short week. I never met Steve Irwin although I have seen most of his TV and movie work.

I did however get to meet Peter Brock on a few occasions and as an avid motor sport fan felt quite honoured to have done so. He didn't know me or my friends personally but even so he took the time to talk to us and enthusiastically answer our questions.

When I watched him race on TV it was like watching a mate, and to top it off I'm a Ford supporter.
So long Peter, you mate are a champion.
P.J. Stevens


It was with great shock and sorrow that I heard the news of Brocky's death. He was a champion sportsman and a top all round bloke. A true Aussie legend, and now he's gone. A very sad day indeed. Bon Voyage Brocky, you rule mate.
Greg Howard


V8 = Brock, Bathurst = Brock, 05 = Brock, Peter Perfect = Brock, A9X = Brock, King of the Mountain = Brock, 8/9/06 = a bad bad day.
We'll miss you Brocky.
The Boys from Skyline.


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