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To James and Bev, and the Brock family,

It was me that wrote on the wall near the pole position spot at Bathurst on the Super Cheap sign, "Peter Brock 1000"!

I feel they should have Peters name part of the race each year, such as Super Cheap Peter Brock 1000, or something like that!

Regards, John Watt


Hi Peter,
I know you would be reading this! Thanks for the driving tips you gave me, driving tips that you received from Harry, and you passed onto me! Harry gave me the same driving tips during the 1996 Bathurst Legends Rally in which I took part in in my VW Beetle! You will be sadly missed for now, but one day I will catch up with!
John Watt 


you will be missed


Today is your birthday the day a true legend was born. I don't think I am ever going to stop missing you. Words like legend and hero are thrown around all the time, but the real meaning is Peter Brock. I will always love you. Just think what a world we would have if there were more people like you.
Thanks for caring so much.
Karen Ferrier

I am sorry to hear about Peter - A good man
I know its a bit late but being a Brock fanatic ive been watching a few of your dvds and it has been special to me to listen to what people had said and what you achieved in life.

In a few words i think a lot of us would agree that there is only one that would stand out , for me you are the sucessor, achieved what others have tried to do, thanks for being part of my life and others ,

p. s. ive got an xu1 and on the doors there will be 05

thanks again


Peter, you have given my so many happy memories over the past 26 years, you are my idol and I will never forget you. R.I.P Peter.

From Warren K.


To the king, hero, legend and champion of v8's and commodores

we all love you and we will miss you our hearts got to the Brock family. PETER

2006 love you miss u


It was a very emotional moment when my daughter and I heard of the tragedy of a great racing hero.

Peter I would like you to know my daughter and I have followed the "Bathurst" races for many years, and this particular race will never be the same - on that "Mountain", but your courage and determination will live on through other drivers, and your memory will never die.

You were an inspiration to motor sport and have made us realise, to live life to the fullest. Peter, you have touched many hearts and made many friends and we are very proud of you.


From 2 very devoted Peter Brock Fans


It was sad to hear of your passing peter but you are in our hearts always.



Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sadness.May you find comfort in the warmth of Happy Memories,and may the spirit of acceptance and inner peace enfold you.

Kind Regards jamie, Kim Braden & Lachlan Wilton
Charters Towers


We were very sad to hear about Peters passing... Though I never had the pleasure to meet him, we did read about and watch him on TV (when it was shown here in the USA) and knew of his great talent and a driver and great man. Godspeed Peter.

Michael Green
Livermore, CA USA


I am still numb knowing that the Man I had grown up watching, supporting and cheering for is no longer here with us. The finality of this weekends Bathurst realy does bring it home.

Craig said it best when he said that the race wasn't about manufacturers it was about the great man who was Peter Brock.

I always felt that if I could be half the man that Peter was then that would make me a very good man, and have done my best till now to do as he always said "Live your dreams".

I am sure that the angels will have to lock away their modes of transport because with Brocky in town nothing will be safe and everything will definetely go faster.

God Bless you Peter Borck, and God Speed to you also. Though the years may dim the pain you will always be close to my heart and in my mind.

From a long time fan of Peter Perfect.



First my best wishes go to your family and friends; this must be so hard for them.

You and I met only twice. Once at Calder when I was volunteering on “Women for Wheels” and again when we competed at the inaugural “Mallee Desert Rally” in Sealake.

There’s nothing more of use I can add other than to say you were a truly great Australian, a down-to-earth and compassionate character and a genuinely concerned human being.

I just want also to pay tribute to your driving skills. Every time I saw you Peter (including the EJ[?] panel van racing against Mick Baker in the buggy) you drove like a well-oiled, perfectly synchronised machine. It is doubtful anyone will ever match your feats. I will whole-heartedly miss you, Peter. Thank you for your stentorian contribution to motor racing, humanity and Australia.

Peter Hair


Words cannot express the shock and sadness we felt on "black friday". Brocky I come to know you through my son 14 years ago when he was four, you were and always will be his hero and idol, I cannot thank you enough for the advice and inspiration you passed on to him. The world has lost a very special man indeed and I know that Bathurst will never be the same for us without you.
RIP Brocky , our love and thoughts to Bev and the children.
Sharon and Phil


Peter Brock the man the legend. I grew up idolising him and I will idolise him for the rest of my life. You were our best touring car driver and everyone’s mate. Rest in Peace.

Karen , Rohan & Riley Pascoe


We were shocked and saddened by the untimely loss of Peter Brock. He was a genuine bloke - a true inspiration who will be missed by many. He will never leave our hearts and minds.

Our thoughts are with the Brock family during this difficult time.

Allyson, Josh & Abby - Melbourne.


To the Brock Family,
Although I never met Peter, I feel like I’ve known him for years. He was and always will be my favourite Race Car Driver. I cried when I heard the news and felt like I lost another member of my own family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all
Julie, NSW


The King has died,, and i am shattered,, This will take a bloody long time for me to deal with,, my 12 year old son said to me ,,Dad i have never seen you like this before, Brocky must have been a real good bloke for you to be so upset,,I simply said, Yes mate he was a Real Good Bloke.
I'll miss ya Brocky,,,R.I.P Mate


Peter, we hold our memories close in our hearts, our prayers deep within our souls. Thank you. Saira


Thank you for letting us little people be apart of the funeral and memorial. Brocky has been my hero since i was a little kid and he is the reason i chose to follow Holden rather than following ford like my father. I send my deepest sympathy to all his family and friends...............
He will always be the King Of Mountain and he will always be my hero..and thank god he left the funeral in a statesman....30 years of watching you.Gone but never Fogotten.... Love ya "BROCKY"
Carolynne Mason


Perfect Peter, what can i say??? Friday 8th of september 2006 was the saddest day in my life, You are still my hero and will be for the rest of my life, i never had the honour of ever meeting you, altho i wished i had, i thank you for all great times you gave us australians in your motor racing glory days, and all the things you have done after your retirement, you truely were a king. You will always be remembered and loved mate, Rest in peace.

with love and respect from Craig, Amanda and Brock


thanks for the wonderful times Brock

thanks Diane Dole


THANK YOU PETER! (ps. I still have the dog bowl you signed for me 18 yrs. ago)

Remembered always,
Paul Costanzo


I will miss peter very much he was a legend of motor racing i have a photo of my self with peter he will be missed by everyone. I feel for Brock daughter as my father never ever seen my children it does get easy over time just rember peter for all the great racing he gave to the fans rip peter


What a wonderful Man we have lost.
He was a Hero and loved by so many.
All I ever wanted to do was go for a drive with Peter, he was such a perfect driver.
Our love and Prayers go to his love Julie, his Children and Family.
Julie and Kevin.



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