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Brocky... the king of the mountain, peter perfect, You're going to be missed as the most popular Australian motor racing champion my heart goes out to the Brock family and you will be deeply missed but your legend will always live on!


Motor racing will never be the same again.
You were the main reason I became Holden-mad.
Farewell on behalf of myself and my family, we are all devastated.
Thanks for the memories, Brocky.


12 years ago, I was packing my bags for our yearly pilgrimage to "The Mountain" to pay homage to our beloved Holdens. I was also 9 months pregnant. My husband & I weren't going to miss it. And as the story goes, I had my first baby at Bathurst. We named him Brock, after our hero! Peter, you made the birth of our son so special, we didn't ask for you to come and congratulate us. You just turned up. As if you didn't have more important things to do, (like winning a race), We were at Bathurst to cheer you on. Thank you for taking the time and making us feel so special. Your kindness will live in our hearts forever.

With deepest sympathy to all who loved him as we did.

Motto, Jenny and Brock & Hollie


Thanks For The Memories. Peter you made the world a better place it hurts so much now that you're gone but you will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to Julie I know how you feel.


May your memory live on in your children and the legend live on in the hearts of all Australians.

Fare well Peter. God speed


Fond memories of a bloke who inspired and guided young people to live their dreams.
Good on ya Brocky, you will remain an inspiration to me.
Geelong Vic.



l remember back years ago to that very special day when l had the opportunity of meeting both you and your then wife at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

You were everything l had ever imagined you to be...kind, caring, down-to-earth, and ohhhh such a funloving adrenalin pumping guy!

Your personality was exceptionally contagious...

Your smile l will always remember!

And oh the memories of days of olde sitting atop of gum trees at Sandown watching you race...

Your soul is now in Heaven and we are left with the memories of what was the Worlds Finest Gentleman and Sportsman!

Im gonna miss you at the starting grid, Peter!

My thoughts are with your family, friends and collegues.

R.I.P. Peter Perfect!


Good bye my hero


Good bye to Peter Brock, you will be missed by all and you will live with us as the 'King Of The Mountain'.

Our condolences to the Brock Family.

Michelle and Tayla


Thanks for the memories Brocky always remembered


Peter Brock,

You were a true modern day hero to the many thousands of racing fans.
I would like to say goodbye but I still can't believe you've gone.
When I watched you race I would wonder who would come second .
We have lost a true Aussie hero today and I will forever thank you for the smiles that you put on my face with every time you drove past.
Peter Brock 05 R.I.P.
Ian Smith


To Brockies Family

I am here thinking wow Brock is gone why did it have to happen to him like in my eyes he was the worlds best race car driver but that stupid corner on the Targa west rally well he will always be in our minds to me he is my role model but now that I think about it I might never want to race because I see what can happen I loved Brock so I will always remember him my whole family loved him but now he’s gone on the day he died we toasted to Peter Brock

Thank You

Thomas Watson

Peter Brock you will be severely missed..


Australia is feeling a terrible loss for Peter Brock, but no words could possibly describe the loss, Brocky's family feel at the moment. I send deep sympathy to the Brock family and wish them all the best.
My hero is gone, but will never be forgotton. Bye Brocky.
Chris Day


What can I say but the world has been a better place for one Peter Brock having graced it with his presence.

Dave Thomas


Who would have ever thought that one day there would be two gods in heaven.
Thanks for the memories Pete.


To the Brock family,

The Loss of Peter has saddened not only the entire motor racing fraternity but the whole nation.

My brother Bruce and I spent many cherished times with Brock both on and off the track in the 70’s and 80’s and we will always remember the great times we had.

I recall the 1979 Repco rally where we were both part of the team and recorded a 1-2-3 victory

RIP Brock but give it heaps!

Ian (Ned) Nowacki


brocky ! behind the wheel you were peter perfect , my world was rocked when the legend retired in 97 ! wow now your gone my world has been shattered, growing up going to sandown was such a huge part of my life , the reason for going was to see the legends of race brocky and the holden pit their might against ford and the rest, memorys to cherish for life . The mountain as life' will go on , but will sure as the sun rises will be a sader place for the loss, of one of lifes true legends ! keep that v8 roarin on your next journey brocky ! KING OF THE MOUNTAIN ALWAYS . my heart goes out to bev and the children in your time off loss
fondest memories : damo


What do I say?
Good bye Peter
Rest in peace.

Loy Tomsons


We were on our way up to Gidge to meet our hero, and to get you to sign my sons birth certificate. Police cars were overtaking us. We arrived at the park where all the cars were gathering and were informed that you had been in a serious accident but officials wouldn't tell us how you were, we had a gut feeling it was bad.

We later heard on the news that you had passed, what a shame your time was up, we were in shock.

We drove down as far as we could to the accident. We came back the next day to leave you flowers and a little message, hope you like them!!

We were so close yet so far. My husband didn't get to meet his idol and my son missed out on meeting the man he is named after!!

At least you died doing what you loved!!!

Forever a Legend, who followed his dreams, and certainly lived life. Forever living in our dreams!!

Deepest sympathy and love to the Brock family,

Drive On,

Roland, Lisa and Little Brock Price xxx


Dear Beverly, James, Robert, and Alexandra,

Peter you were true champion I will never forget when I saw you at the track and you in a rush to go race and I asked you for an autograph and you had time to stop give a autograph and chat. Brocky you will be saldy missed.

RIP Forever
Perth WA


Brocky you were the best. A true gentleman of the sport of motor racing. Race In Peace. You will be greatly missed.

Heath, Nicole, Lauren, Hayley & Phil - Laser 1 Engraving


Deepest sympathy to the family.....He was a legend & has been number 1 in our family for many years.....Bathurst will never be the same.....


Well what can i say but mate you are the legend the king the mountain,
All my condolences to the Brock family. R.I.P Brocky.
Racing will never be the same.

Matthew, Sarah and Hailey


No words can express the loss I feel for a man I never knew, however in so many ways I did. Thank you for so many memories, I will hold them in my heart and mind and take them through life forever. My thoughts go out to Bev, Jamie, Robert and Alexandra. Above anyone else, you will always be his number one fans! Brockie, may you find another mountain to conquer. You will be missed, but never forgotten. The legend will continue to live on. xox


In memory of Peter Brock

May you be always doing what you love to do the best.
The legend still lives on racing in the sky.
King of the mountain, we will never forget you.
Holdens forever.
Our condolences go out to all his family, friends and all fans too.
All our love from Perth, Western Australia.
Patrick, Cheryl Newburn and Family






I’ll miss you Brocky, you were the best and there will never be another like you. God’s Speed!

Tim from Perth WA


Brock, you were always there for your fans and always had time to chat and listen to us. I have met you six times in my life time and my little son has met you also twice and these times I will never forget. When all the other drivers had disappeared you always stayed back and had a chat to us the fans. You were a peoples person and an inspiration to us all. I have many signatures from you, on my car and many other items I have of you as well and they will stay with me and in my family forever. REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND

Darren, Karen, Amy, Neisha, and Ben


Remembered always holden lives on forever with brock at the wheel


To Peter's Family

Brocky is the king of the mountain and will be forever.....You will be sadly miss by everyone...You rocked the mountain when you were racing...And the mountain will never be the same with out youu

Holden Rocks!!!!!!

Rhonda,Kirsty,Michelle, Jamie, Joseph



You lived your life well, and to the fullest, but it still doen't take away the pain now that you're gone. Thank you for being such an inspiration and a role model.

My deepest sympathy to Julie, Bev, and your close friends and family.




Peter you were my bright eyes
Now you have gone to sleep
I will miss you sadly
Though I know your in god's keep

Cherishing your moments
And your Victorys too,
Peter how I loved
And will miss you,

To the raceway in the sky.



It is with great disbelief and grief that I heard of our awful loss. For a fabulous man that not many knew personally, but all felt like he was a personal friend, we are extremely saddened. Your generous and friendly nature touched thousands (probably millions). Bathurst will never be the same without your presence - as a driver or not. Your racing ability outshone many - you are not just "King of the Mountain" Brocky - "YOU ARE THE MOUNTAIN". I don't think watching the V8's will ever be the same again for me.

My condolences for his partner Julie and his children/grandchildren. My thoughts are with all of you.

Australia has suffered through a terrible week with the loss of two very notable men - Peter Brock (you are and will always be a legend) and Steve Irwin - may you both rest in peace.

Perth, WA


Your like will never be seen again. Your openness, warmth and vitality for life should serve as a lesson for us all. I’m going to miss you mate! Thanks for all the great racing, autographs and wise words you shared with your fans over the years…rest gently.

Tony Dobson


Peter you were my hero,my inspiration and having grown up with your influence.
Your passion for your sport has been felt by many,
My family and I wish to send our sympathy to the Brock family.
You will be deeply missed by all of us, Good bye Brocky Race in Peace

Danny,Teneale and Bryre Leonard


Peter Brock - Well what can I say except you are a legend, thank you for all the memories that you have left us with.



I can barely put into words on the loss of such a man. My heart bleeds for Bev, Jamie, Robert and Alexandra for their loss. I will miss you dreadfully Peter. I admired not only that you were such a brilliant race car driver, but the fact that you were a vegan. Such compassion towards animals is a wonderful thing.

Love and best wishes
Claudia K
Gold Coast



You inspired so many, did so many great things, showed so many how it should be done, had so many wins in your life, lead so many times………..and then there was your ability to drive as well. !!!



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