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Steve you are the greatest in what you did.

But what an impact you have made in this world in such a short time
Terri, Bindi Bob Snr and Bob Jnr will really miss you .
We are all proud of you.
Rest in Peace


Broadcasting the service was a gift to all of us whom respected and enjoyed the passion, enthusiasm, of a wonderful, loving, caring animal conservationist, husband and father named Steve Irwin. To all of you, thank you for letting the world share in celebrating his life and saying good-bye to an extraordinary man.

There is no doubt in my mind, the baton has been passed and the Australian Zoo is in great hands. Darling Bindi your dad is smiling on you, along with the crocodiles. My, what a charming remarkable young wild life warrior you are! Take care of Mum and Baby Bob. You go girl!

Peace and love to all of you and of course, a check will be forth coming for the Wild Life Warrior fund.

Austin, USA


I still feel deeply devastated by the tremendous loss of our Steve, Australia’s Son!

To Terri, my deepest condolences. I have never known a married couple where I have seen a wife look at her husband with such awe every time he spoke a word. The love you two had for each other as you both did for the wildlife. Terri I wish I had a magic wand to bring you back Steve. He died way before his time.

To Bindi, you did an amazing job yesterday at your daddy’s memorial service and I thank you for the beautiful words you shared with us about your daddy. Thank you. He was an amazing dad and as an aussie I am so very proud of you.

To the entire Irwin family, May God bless you all. My deepest and sincerest condolences of such an amazing man.

Hugs to you all,

New South Wales xo.


To Terry, Bindi and bob and all of the Irwin family and friends.
It was hard to believe when we heard that Steve got attacked by a stingray. we where devastated and shocked. Bindi was very brave to stand in a crowed so big on the 20th of September 2006 and say her thoughts about her special dad Steve. He is be missed by a lot of people. You were a great croc hunter. RIP Steve.
always missed by Bree, Rhys, Blake, Liam and Ryan. 21/09/06


I wanted to say thank you for putting a man like Steve on earth. We all learnt alot from him. He touched so many in ways unimaginable like myself. My 3 1/2 yr old son understands he's not coming back, but he said he saw him in heaven with his grand dad and that he's happy chasing crocodiles up there.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all associated with Steve. Our hearts all go out to the Irwin family. But life must go on. With a family like Steve, his legacy will continue to wow the world. Great kids Bindi and Bob, and don't forget his sensational wife Terri - my love to you all

Singleton NSW


Dear Terri, Bindi, Bob and Bob snr

We watched the memorial service from our lounge in Tauranga NZ and what a fantastic tribute you gave Steve.

Bindi you are an amazing little girl what an inspiration you are to us all.

We never meet Steve but saw so many of his programs, which we loved watching and learnt so much. He was an incredible man. We will miss his enthusiasm no one will ever be able to come close to Steve’s passion with the animals. God Bless Steve, Rest easy.

Our love and prayers go out to you all.

Clarke family

New Zealand


To Bob, Terri, BINDI and BOB

I have never ever ever in my life seen myself cry so much..
i was thinkn and also i never even new the guy but all
i do no is that he was a good father husband partner and friend!!!And i think Bindi is a very BRAVE girl for doing what
she did for all the people that were at the memorial service.... I know that you Terri Bob BINDI and Steve's father will carrie his life dream on and will always be in yours and the worlds hearts...As for me and my family and everyother families we know that Steve has gone to heaven...
Jayde and Venessa
Terrigal Nsw


Losing you was not only a loss for Australia, but for the world as a whole. The impact you were able to make on people was simply amazing. One of my long term goals was to someday reach Australia Zoo so I could have the pleasure of meeting you in person. I had followed your adventures from high school back in 1998 to present day. Watching just filled me with such pleasure. I think you were able to live the live so many dream of, and you did it the right way. I am so sad our paths never crossed and I wish your family all the best.

Thank you for all you gave,

Josh and Yeva Roberts


to the Irwin family your steve was loved by all and will be sadly missed may god bless and watch over you the brown family


Steve will truly be missed by the world. He was a great guy and loved life to the fullest. My heart felt condolences go out to Terri, Bindi, Bob, his family and all of australia. He died doing what he loves most, leaving us and the future generation with his knowledge and wisdom to carry on his life achievements. See ya steve


Dear Terri, Bindi and Bob,
There are no words I can say that will get you through this sad time in your life's but if I could replace my life for his I would do it in a heart beat. I am so sad to think about how you are feeling I just want to cry. Please be strong I know that is what he would have wanted. If I could have done only a 1/3 of what he has achieved for the animal on our planet I would be happy. He has shown my daughter how to respect the animals we are so lucky to have on this earth, because as you know your children don't always listen to what you are trying to teach them. I only wish I could turn back the clock, so he could still be by your side. I hope with all my heart and soul that you all have the courage to continue as I to feel he is still with us. Please take care all my love and wishes are with you all.

Sharon Fry Qld


I felt compelled to write this poem which took me 10 mins to write about a world full of people that seem to be confused about about what is going on and what we need to acheive.
I think Steve thought we lived in a confused world, why would he have spent so much love, time and energy on conservation? I hope NO ONE if offended by this poem and I aopogise if anyone IS offended. :)

I have written a tribute to Steve Irwin and emailed it to you.


Life is short,
Live it to the end,
Give it all we've got,
Family N friends we depend.

Never know when your times up,
Always welcome a freind,
Smile a little; laugh alot,
When's life gonna end?

Hold no grudges,
People, tell no lies,
Give all our souls,
Heart felt our goodbyes

Whats the world worth,
What does life mean,
Life is precious,
Why hide, not be seen

Hate flowing and bleeding,
We screem out our fate,
Born torn and leaving,
Our destiny too late.

Someone help us,
Please save our lives,
Heal all our wounds,
Help us survive,

Together we unite,
Hug all, love one
A flame we will light
Our lives just begun

Take care :)
Deb xxx


The Irwin family

I live in W.A and watched the memorial on T.V, My heart goes out to Terri, Bindi, Bob and a father to loose a son no words can be express the sadness I felt. Steve was taken from this world too soon he had sooo very much to do, he wasn’t finished. The world will miss Steve and all the work has done for conservation.



To Terri, Bindi, Bob,

Our thoughts are with you all, and as we never met Steve, he still has left emptiness in our hearts. My 3 children are saddened and my 8 year old son has told me that when he grows up that he will want to save and look after animals, just as Steve has done. What an inspirational person Steve was and hopefully there will be other children who too would someday like to follow Steve’s footsteps. Saving all creatures great and small and also be very as enthusiastic and passionate about what they believe in! Stay strong and never give up.


Helena, Linda, Adam and Andrew



Wildlife Warrior

A terrific Australian with a zest for life
Conservation and wildlife his passion abound
Steve loved his kids and adored his wife
Australia Zoo his vision the world finally found

Your energy captured us right from the start
A great bloke with a wit, you just couldn't stop
Family & friends your love, straight from the heart
An Aussie Icon expecting so little, yet giving alot

You travelled the world, spreading laughter and love
With a precious devotion, that's enriched our lives
Supporting wildlife from, the underground to above
Your tenderness & charm no matter what their size

Thank you for sharing your desires and dreams
Live life to the fullest, is who you're about
Your strength embraced us, your legacy means
The world's a better place, forever your flame will never go out.

Take care :)
Deb xxx


To Terri, Bindi, Robert, all the Irwin family and friends of a wonderful Australian and World Ambassador.

THANK YOU for sharing Steve with us.

Our thoughts are with you, we are most saddened by his loss but believe he’s not gone.

With Love,

The Bleijie Family – Lisa, Randall, Ashlea and Dominic xoxo


Steve bedankt voor al je inzet voor de wereld .
We hebben genoten van jouw op tv , jouw passie en gewoon hoe je bent , is FANTASTISCH om te zien .
Je bent zo aan het vertellen over alles dat het lijkt of we bij je zijn bij jouw avonturen .
En hoe je met je vrouw en kinderen en al je vrienden omgaat , altijd even correct en vriendelijk en lief .
De hele wereld zal je missen want jij was en bent nog steeds de beste in je passie voor de dierenwereld en natuurbehoud .
We hopen dat jouw werk word doorgezet in jouw naam .
De onbeschrijvelijke verlies voor je vrouw terri en jouw kinderen en je pap en al je vrienden .
We hopen dat iedereen de kracht vind om hun verlies een plekje te geven .
Terry , bindie en kleine bob en steve zijn vader ,, vanuit holland willen we jullie alle sterkte wensen bij het verlies van een fantastisch man , vader en zoon en vriend steve !!!

vriendelijke groeten van henk en annet , michael
uit groningen


To Terri, Bindi and Bob

I'm so sorry about what happend to Steve. I'm 11 and live in W.A. and I couldn't afford a ticket to Queensland. If I could afford a ticket I would fly their instantly. I have seen every one of Steve's movies and I think their great to watch! Steve was a wonderfull man so I hope every one remembers him in times to come. I loved the way Steve bought land just so he could give wild animals homes.
My heart will always be with you.
From Jasmin Buck xoxoxo


steve irwin i did not know you i wish i had. when i heard of your passing i could not believe it you were such a wonderful man that everyone in this world loved, you loved wildlife like no other you did a lot for australia , you were a true aussie a hero i will never forget. my 8 year old daughter she loved you very much our thoughts are with terri, bindi, bob and all the family. today was your memorial and im sorry i could not be their but my heart was ,today i did cry it is so hard to believe that you really have gone and at such a young age. you will always be missed that i can tell you i will never ever forget you and what you done you changed this world their will never be any one like you , rest in peace steve im sad that my daughter and i did not get the chance to see you. you were really such a terrific man. and CRIKEY WE WILL ALL MISS YOU "

you will live in our hearts forever
melita and tiegan brown
western australia



We are all very proud what you have done for Australia, you'll be greatly missed.


To Bob, Terri, Bindi and little Bob

I don't know when I have cried so much for a person I had never met, but one day wished I would. Though his programs he has taught me alot.

He made such a difference not just here in Australia but through out the whole world. He inspired millions so his memory will live on and his message has been heard.

All we can do now is honour his memory is live with Passion and Enthusiasm and protect our Planet so by this we too, carry on his dream.

Steve will be sadly missed by every one and will live in our hearts forever.

Our Thoughts are with you.

Wendy and Bryan
Browns Plains, QLD





For Terri, Bindi, Bob and all of Steve's Family,

We give our condolences for Steve's passing, we all miss the fantastic things that were shared
through his love of family and the world around us - although we were'nt able to attend his memorial service, we did spend time in reflection and respect for the bloke affectionately called "THE CROC HUNTER".

Over the last few years we have all learned that our world can be appreciated in ways we never thought possible, for this our family will be forever grateful to you all.

Yours Respectfully

Tracey, Natasha, Jeremy and Charlie


Dear Terry, Bindi, Bob & Steve's family.
What can we say in a few words . What a great ambassador for our country. He was exceptional to say the very least. Cherish the memories you all hold so dear now. He was loved & will be missed by just so many around the world.But never as much as you his family. He loved you all so much. it may help even if only a small bit, that others are thinking & praying for you @ this very sad & trying time. God Bless
Love Marg & Rob Avenel 3664 Vic.


To Our Dearest Steve,

To this very day I still cannot believe you have passed away! Goosebumps still painfully prick my skin and the lump in my throat is just as big as it was the day you died. The tears still flow like a fountain. I wish I had that magic wand to reverse all of this and for you to be here to say “Crikey mate, I’m all right”.

You were an amazingly beautiful human being. I pray that I may be half the person you were. You taught us all so very much. What a loss! You were so inspirational.

Steve, Today at your memorial service Bindi did you very proud. God bless the entire Irwin family, we feel your pain. You are all in my thoughts and my embrace.

Steve, you will be very much missed and will forever be loved. Thank you for all that you have given us!

God bless you Steve, may you rest in peace forever



Words cannot express my sadness and that of my family to hear of the passing of such a wonderful person, representative of Australia, and animal wildlife warrior. Steve will never be replaced for the person he was and what he believed in and represented whole heartedly.

My thoughts go out to Terry, Bindi and Bob…..May his achievements and goals for the future be met though his families contribution to our planet and animals………….I will never forget Steve Irwin.

Michelle Stubbs


I'd like to say how very sorry we are to hear what happened to steve irwin ...... my son loved him and still cries every time he see's him he has had a very big impact in kids lives.... he will live on forever in our hearts and songs .......THE WIGGLES WITH STEVE IRWIN IS PLAYED HERE ALL THE TIME .....



This world has lost, one of the most genuine men, no one can fill his shoes. One this world will mourn forever. How can we come to terms at one of the greatest losses in history. I hope that the love from all australians one day can help with the grief steve's family. Knowing how loved, and how he touched everyone's heart and souls. He was the greatest ambassador australia had, and sadly he wasn't recognized for his love for his country , sharing it with the world . His children, are his legacy and through them Steve will live FOREVERNOW..

Robyn Fisher


You have touched my soul so very deeply that I may never be the same. Thank you for that! Your death has and will 10 fold the need and desire for all to embrace the trueness of our hearts. You have changed consciousness on this earth. We need to all open our hearts more and speak from that place as you did and not be afraid to show it, and our need to expand our awareness and conservation of Mother earth and the animals that inhabit it will forever be thankful. Thank you for your wonderful incarnation to earth, your work was truly done, God Bless.

Louise Cramond



You were a good man. You cared about animals. You made everyone's hearts warm up.
We miss you.
Daniel (aged 8)




To an amazing wife, daughter, son and family of Steve Irwin,

Our thoughts and hearts go out to you all. What a truely wonderful person Steve was and he will certainly be missed. We look forward to sharing his dreams coming true through Bindi, Bob, Terri, his dad and all at Australia Zoo.

The Oliver Family
Bayles. Victoria



You were an inspritation and a breath of fresh air... After our short stay in Queensland, back in 2002, our family still believes the best day we ever had was at Australia Zoo. Thank you for providing the great memory and your work will truly live on forever...

Our sincere condolences to Terri, Bindi, Bob and rest of the family.

Jo Butler, Steve, Cale and Josh Marosfalvi...Melbourne, Victoria.


To Dear Terri,family and friends

STEVE was a Fantastic Australian Human Being, its just not fair. he was so genuine and down to earth. A person that needed to be on this planet to show everyone all good in this life. he made everyone feel good with his enthusiasm to life. and you could see how much he loved Terri and then when the kids came along the love he had for them. Steve was a great role model to follow when it came to loving a family Steve loved them so so much. Steve was also a genuine friend to all his mates and his employees and to all who he met.

Steve was very much loved by millions of people.
Geelong, Victoria


Our hearts go out to you Teri, Bindi, Bob and Mr Irwin. Steve was a much loved Australian who inspired us and was such a likeable man as well. He was so unlike so many other celebrities who are not in touch with the important things of life.

Teri, as a mother, I feel for you greatly. I can't say that I know what you are going through because I haven't lost my husband and the father of our 2 small children. May God look after you in these coming times which will be hard for you, but I hope He brings you ultimately peace in your heart. Search Him out and believe in the God I believe in - the One who wants us to tell Him how angry/sad/hurt/destroyed with what happens in our lives.

Blessings to you now and always
The Porter family
Tamworth, NSW


To the family of Steve Irwin

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your much loved husband father and son. He is truly an inspiration and I hope that his passion for conservation is never forgotten. Thankyou for the memorial service it was a wonderful celebration of a colourful person and I cried and smile and I know that he will be greatly missed by everyone especially the animals that he loved so much. Lastly, thankyou for letting us into the lives of a family that obviously shared so much love to each other and hopefully you can gain strength in the thought that we are with you and your family in spirit. Rest in peace Steve crocs rock!!


Dear Terri, Bindi, Bob and Irwin Family

There has never been anyone in my life who has made me feel proud to be an Aussie. Until an amazing man named Steve Irwin entered my life with a "whack" through the telly. His zest for life, love of all animals and passion for the environment was addictive. This planet has lost one truly incredible human being. My thoughts and prayers are with you Terri, Bindi, Bob and family and i feel honoured to have walked this earth at the same time to witness the angel that was Steve Irwin.

God Bless
Angela Hutchison
NSW, Australia


Dear Terri, Bindi and Bob.

I have been watching the Memorial Service this morning on television. It made me cry deeply and at the same time I feel very proud to be part of this generation and to be able to see a wondeful person, Steve who has done so well in the short time of his life.

God Bless Steve...

Kindest regards and heart felt wishes.
Nandini Dogra, Sydney.


Dear Terri, Bindi and Bob.

Our family watched the Memorial Service this morning on television. It made us cry deeply and at the same time laugh loudly and sincerely.

God Bless Steve...and may you find the strength to continue his amazing and wonderful conservation efforts in the future.

Kindest regards and heart felt wishes.
The Delaporte Family, Sydney.


Dear Terri, Bindi, Bob and Bob (senior)

My heart felt sorrow at your great loss. What a wonderful man who has left behind an enormous legacy. Today will be a great celebration of his life with the ordinary people of Australia which I am so glad you have recognised. The media and his well known friends will give him the tribute and coverage he so well deserves.



I know your loss is great and for the children who will miss having him around to watch them grow up, immense. But do not despair, as a mum on your own now (like I myself am with 1 child) you will cope because you are a mum and you will want the best for them as Steve would have. The kids will find in time a mentor in a male who was/is close to them, you and Steve and who they respect and may seek guidance from. My daughter Kate has her Uncle Francis (my old flatmate), Uncle Simon (brother in law) and my wonderful next door neighbour Brian who she seeks the fatherly maleness from. I have been so blessed by these 3 wonderful men who have taken her in as a part of there lives and who she can talk to like a child to a father would.

I wish you with all my heart joy in the future, it may not seem like you have any now, but it will come back to you in time, time does heal.....


Sandy Crompton


Hi Terri, Bindi and Bob,

A Wonderful celebration of Steve's life. Our thoughts are with you.

We are so proud and know he will be missed as a great Aussie who gave so much to animal conservation.

You have both done so much for people that needed help, I thank you both.

You have all of our support for the future.


You where a truly great human being Steve ,

We and the world will miss you deeply. My thoughts go out to your family, your mates and your animals. Rest in peace knowing your great work will continue.

Thank you for showing the world how important the wildlife is and educating our children to follow their passions and look after this amazing world of wildlife we have.

You will live in our hearts forever.
Deborah B
Harrington,NSW ,Australia.


Dear Terri, Bindi & Bob,
I'm so sorry forthe loss of your loved one. Bindi you were so brave to get up their and speak in front of the thousands of people. I would not think there would have been a dry eye in the crowd for Steve was a person that touched peoples lives for ever. I will never forget Steve.

From Samantha Holt, age 10, New Zealand


To Dearest Terri, Bindi, Bob and Bob Senior, Family and all the Staff At Australia Zoo

I feel so heartbroken today! Watching the memorial was truly very very moving ~ but more so to see the true grief etched on the faces of so many. Steve Irwin will be missed by so many as has been said and by the world in particular. I am sure that he is very proud of the way you presented his incredible life and celebrated his amazing achievements. Well done to each and everyone of you during this very personal and tragic time in presenting something so beautiful.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this day and share your farewell to an inspiring man. Steve was quite simply THE BEST! His death is not in vain but should now inspire many to jump right in and do something positive for the world! Go you good thing!

With love and wishes to you all
The Diamonds
Balmain, Sydney Australia


I had tears in my eyes watching Steve's service.
This Great Man will be missed.

We can all pay him a tribute by doing 3 things,
Live with PASSION


Protect our Precious Planet before we ruin it.

God bless you Steve and god bless Terri , Bob and Bindi.

The Watson Family.


We wish Terri Bindi and bob and Mr Irwin Snr all the best for the future


You were the man the lengend of the animals and us the people that loved you we will all sadly miss you. To terri, Bindi and Bob please listen to "I cried million tears" by Kasey Chambers


I had the pleasure of being a friend of Joy's in grade 7 & 8 at Caloundra High School many years ago. The kids used to say "Here comes Joy Irwin and Irwin Joy" (my name was Erin Joy!). Although I only remember Steve as Joy's little brother who charged around everywhere like a maniac, I have always been so interested in what he was doing as I felt a connection with the family. I can only say my love and prayers go out to you all - you were & I'm sure still are -such a wonderful family - Warm hugs - Erin Innes.


Dear Terri, Bindi & Bob,

My family has just finished watching (through many tears) the service for your husband and Dad. Bindi, your speech took alot of courage, we know you will keep your Dads dream alive. Well done Bindi. Just wanted to say how very sorry we are for your family, no one will ever replace Steve, he
truely was a remarkable man. Steve certainly changed millions of peoples veiws towards wildlife and this world is a better place because of Steves passion for all animals. As time passes I hope and pray your pain will ease. I wish someone had a magic wand that would take all your pain away - but we know thats not possible. Terri , Bindi and Bob people all over the world are reaching out to you and sending their love. May Steve rest in peace.

Love The Keane family. Darwin, Northern Territory. Australia


To Terri, Bindi, Little Bob and Big Bob,

Our hearts are breaking with yours, i spent an hour crying in memory of steve and no one will ever forget what a wonderful man your husband, father and son was. The legacy he has left behind will bring the world to the attention of the need for conservation and we can all be wildlife warriors. he was "TRUE BLUE".

Bindi is a credit and her speech at the memorial day for her dad was truly inspiring, her family have a lot to be proud of.

With heartfelt love The Hogans in Melbourne.


We all really missing steve but he is the man of all time greats.
And he will be sorely missed and our hearts go out to the all the family at Australian zoo.
We love you and the steve irwin familys and friends.
Pleases keep his dream alive always and thinking of Steve Irwin.
We are all thinking of steve irwin and the family in our hearts and in our prayers all the time.

Heidi Johnson - Paul Carter - Chris Johnson Todd Bellaris
All the fans in Sudbury Suffolk England ( we love you )


Steve was a remarkable man and made me realise the beauty of wild animals such as crocks reptiles he brought a smile to my face but today it is tears u bring u will be sadly missed my friend but never forgotten, god bless u steve

Sarah in England


You have inspired my son to love all animals and to be just like you. As a little boy when there was a spider in the house he takes his stance just like you and says "stand back, stand back", "come here little fella". He loved you and we will all miss you and your passion.
Farewell and live on in your children.

Love Peter, Jody, Mason and Hudson Clooney Mt Waverley, Melbourne, Australia


I have to say that I feel guitly that I never visited Australia Zoo when I was not even 15 minutes from the entrance! My partner and I were travelling up North and thought about stopping at Australia Zoo but thought we would stop on the way back, time got away from us and we never did!

It just proves that we can never take things for granted, I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I do. I had no idea what Steve has done for him self, family, Australia and wild life until the media showed all Steves documentraies.

All of Cairns stopped in their tracks as the news announced Steve Irwin’s death. It’s amazing how one man was so passionate and never onced changed himself for the media or the public, what you saw is what you got! I used to think he was crazy when I saw him on T.V. handeling crocks and with his baby, I thought you bloody crazy man! But Steve trusted his crocks and thought of them as his family not his enemy.

I can imagine what its like to loose a dad or a husband my heart goes out to Terry, Bindi and Bob. Its one tragic moment in time that every Australian will remember for the coming years.

A note to your Terry the love of your life is now passed but he will always live in your heart and he will be every where you look, you will do well in life and every time you cry wipe your tears away and smile because you knew and loved him.

Bindi and Bob, Dad will always be there with you, be true to your selfs and always remember your Dad loved you and a fathers love never dies!

Take care and I promise you that I will introduce my self to you when I make it to your Zoo!

Tamara Gunn
Mornington Peninsula


Steve Irwin has captured the hearts of many, including my young son.

We met Steve personally when we visited Australia Zoo. He had an extremely long snake wrapped around his neck with its tail tucked in his pocket. My son wanted to touch the snake but was a little afraid. Due to Steve's encouragement my son did and was pleased with himself. As a single parent all I can say is… thank you Steve for the encouragement.

My son was so upset about Steve's death that I have written two poems to pay tribute to him which have been sent to his wife Terri. The two poems were written in the hope of keeping Steve’s spirit alive and also his passion for nature. They are "African Communications" and "Creature Thinking". God Bless!

Please note: this is a free website and I do not endorse any of the adds displayed on this site.


What an incredible man the world has lost. My family and I have loved to watch him and will greatly miss his kind and happy face. Our prayers go to his family. He will always be remembered.

Margie Bogus and family. Glastonbury Ct


Today the crocodiles are crying real tears. Steve Irwin was truly a gift to the entire world which now mourns his loss. The legacy of his life will continue through the Wildlife Warrior Fund and his wonderful family and friends.

One never gets over such a loss, we stumble through it. His love and legacy will be with all of you forever. I send my very deepest condolences.

DeB In Texas


Dearest Terri, Bindi & Bob,

We are so deeply sorry for your tragic loss. Words can not express our emotions, we love Steve and we love you all. Our family has grown up watching your family and our heart goes out to you. You are in our daily prayers and we hope God can comfort you all. Steve loved you more than anything, it came out in everything he did. He will always be remembered as the worlds greatest conservationist and loving husband and father. Thank you for sharing him with us, for educating us and for always being the role model we would like to be ourselves. You will always have our support and love. Steve was one of those incredibly special people that bless the earth very rarely. He will not be forgotten. We are so grateful that we had the chance to know him and love him. Terri, know that we will continue to pray for you and that you are in our thoughts.

With a heavy heart of love and admiration,

Robin, Martin, Justin & Julie LaHiff
Roseville, California


Dear Irwin Family,

Words cannot express the deep sorrow we feel for your loss. As the Crocodile Hunter, Steve's enthusiasm and passion for animals and the environment has made a profound impact on our lives. His joy and love for live was infectious! We will miss him deeply, but he will live forever in
our hearts. Take care and God bless.

The Brontsema Family


Terri, Bindi, little Bob and the rest of Family and Friends,

I hope that you can find peace and happiness in all the memories you have of Steve and know that he made a difference in many people’s lives. My children love to watch the show’s and love that he had such a way with animals. We think he’s so funny. Your children will look back at the shows and see all the good their father did for the animals. The message he was sending to kids and adults about conservation will be passed on through your children. So others can truly learn conservation for future generations. His sprit is around you everywhere and will guide you through all the sadness.

The Treece family Columbus AFB, MS USA


To the Irwin Family,

We have never met Steve or any of you - but we have watched all the TV programs over the years, he feels like a family member & he will be sorely missed.The world has lost a talented , kind & caring man.

The Gregory Family,
Perth, Australia


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