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I love you Steve
from Kirsten (aged 10) NSW


Your wife is a good mum to Bindi and Bob. She has stayed strong for them. Steve you are our croc hunter.


Terri and family,
We were shocked to hear about Steve. We are very sorry and our hearts go out to all of you. Steve will be sadly missed in your home and ours. thinking of all of you at this time of need.
Kym Knight and family


I only met Terri and Steve once back when I was a policeman on the sunshine coast and it was as nicer an experience than you could ever imagine, Steve was the most genuine and passionate lover of the environment with Terri right by his side. He took time to show me around the small reptile park as it was then before the shining zoo it is now.

Everyone should take time out to reflect on Steve's message on the environment and to see the quality of love and life there is still left in the world before we overburden ourelves and destroy our world.

I am not a passionate activist but Steve lived for the world, his family, and hopefully Bindi and Robert's future, maybe we could all take something out of that, he taught us to embrace the environment now that we have lost him lets make sure the government does something about our future and not just give us lip service.

God bless you Steve, and take care to Terri, Bindi, and Robert keep the message going


The Irwin Family and Friends
What a wonderful world the Irwin's are creating although Steve in no longer with us his beautiful wife and children will be here to educate us and guide us further on his crusade. Love and wishes to you all.
The Whitson Family - Mango Hill Qld.


Terri, Bindi, and Robert and families,
My heart goes out to you all and may your love and faith help you through this most gruelling time. While Steve is in a better place, take heart in the knowledge that he will always be looking after you. Your courage in this devastating time has been an inspiration to us all. Bindi and Robert, may your memories of your father be happy and pure and be comforted in the knowledge that he will always be with you in your hearts. Because Steve was such a great man, his memory and great works will never be forgotten. My love to you all.
Kath, Morayfield Qld


Dear Terri, Bindi, Robert and all Steve's family and friends,
Please know that our thoughts and love are still with you over this tragic time. Steve was a brilliant man who brought so much to the world - he set such an amazing example and touched the hearts of all that he came across. His simple, raw and honest passion together with his ability to love and live life to the fullest was something we should all truly admire and aspire to.

Be strong, please know you are not alone and even as time marches on, Steve will always be missed and never forgotten.

I also want to take the opportunity to say that I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls and, Terri, I only hope I can be as courageous, strong and amazing as you - you are an inspirational woman and someone I will always admire and respect.
With all our love and deepest sympathies, Lisa, John and girls


To Terri Bindi Robert and family

Your loss is something that I could not imagine.

Please remember the arms of Australia are open to you and we will stand by you every step of the way as Steve's dreams are fulfilled.

I will be visiting the zoo next year with my family and children and hope to continue spreading Steves message.

Bindi and Robert you are amazing children and wonderful role models for children all over Australia. Bindi you have done your father proud no matter where you go from here and we will support whatever choices you make in life.

My thoughts are with you each day.

Lynelle Fozard and family - Western Australia


Always thinking of you and your love of animals and of course your family, you will always be loved and remembered for this loving heart of yours, god bless, I know you are in a kind place


On tonight’s news I saw Terri & Bindi at the Nickelodeon Awards and I must say I’m so proud of both Terri & Bindi. I would like to thank them sooo very much. They have all, especially Steve, opened my eyes up to just how important our wildlife is and I for one am really eager to help do something about conservation. I always look forward to seeing young Bindi and Terri on television and am hoping to get the chance to meet them at Australia Zoo. My son talks about them, especially Steve non stop.

As Australians and fans of Steve Irwin we have all been grieving over the great loss of such a wonderful human being and seeing Terri & Bindi striving forward to realize Steve’s dream is such encouragement to us all to not only grieve Steve but lets all get up and do something to help Steve’s cause. Terri and Bindi are and God knows Robert will to when he’s old enough to. So why don’t we all help them and lets all make Steve proud!

May God bless the Irwin family and may Steve Rest In Peace for ever.

Love G.


To Terri, Bindi, Bob, Family and Friends,

Thank you for sharing Steve with the planet he is an amazing world ambassador.

Our thoughts are with you,

Love the Bleijie Family,
Lisa, Randall, Ashlea and Dominic

Blue Mountains,
New South Wales.


Dearest Terri, Bindi & Bob,

What a beautiful family and inspiration to us all. Your honesty, love and enjoyment in all you do and share with us is truly amazing. Our thoughts are with you. Thank you so much for making our world a better place.

Love Darlene & Rob xx


It is with my greatest sympathy that I pass onto the family of the croc hunter my and my families condolences and best wishes. The world has lost a true blue mate. CRIKEY!!!!


To Terri, Bindi and Bob and not to forget Steve's Dad,
You are in our thoughts. Be brave and lean on the Aussie Shoulder of Warmth that has been created for you all.
We all loved Steve and his ways, he touched us all and made us all think.
Our blessings for you and the future.
Tony & Cheryl Giuliani
Frankston Sth Victoria.


Dearest Terri, Bindi and Bob,
our thoughts and prayers are with you now and forever.
what a truly wonderful person that has been lost, but will never be forgotten.
my heart and my arms reach out for you and your family.
sending our love to you Terri and your beautiful children Bindi and Bob.
be strong Terri.
Leonie, Allan, Cindy, Bradley, Bonnie-Lee and Jake.


Dear Terri,
This is for you I know you may not get to read this not for a while anyway, and maybe never but I need to tell you I'm so so so sorry for your loss and what a loss it is. Steve was great man and always will be. He touched my heart in so many ways, for his love for the animals, for the love of his family and most of all the love he had for you.

I know they say that things appear different on TV but I truly belive that he was so so real and I admired him so much, Its hard to see tomorrow when some one you love is gone, and it harder still to realize that your life will still go on but you will in good time terri, and I do know this as me to lost some one so special to me like many others have but what gets us through is our children and the memories.It is true that time heals but never completely it has been 12 years for me and it still feels like yesterday.

*Tenderly may time heal your sorrow
*Gently may friends ease your pain
*Softly may peace replace the heartache and may the warmest memories remain.

The most beautiful times in our lives can never be lost, for they live on in our hearts and are relived in our memories.

Please know that sincere thoughts are with you
God bless you terri and your family oxoxoxo

Christine and My family WA Australia




You changed our world, Steve. We lost something that day that can never be replaced. We can only go on and carry on believeing in what you taught us, we will never forget you, love forever

Lorraine from England xxx


Moved, infatuated by his commitment to wildlife, emptiness with the loss of an animals best friend on earth, fear of no replacement in sight. His charisma and zest will be forever remembered in my heart. I know he’s with his mom, but sorely missed on this earth by those who loved and admired him for all her stood for. Mourning for all he touched in this world, and smiling for he will touch in the heavens filled with God’s creatures large and small. My heart aches of your loss, the animals will miss you so much Steve. Cynthia St.Cyr Melbourne, Fl


Good Bye Steve Irwin, Thank you for teaching the world so much. I am sure that your daughter will follow your footsteps. I loved your shows.

Gianluca Agius
8 years


As the weeks are passing on the wound of losing such a wonderful human being is still so raw. My 5 year old, myself and everybody else I know are in denial! I know life goes on but how without such a wonderful human being like Steve. If I am feeling such a great loss and so sad I can imagine what is family must be going through. To all them my deepest condolences and thank you all for sharing Steve with the world. To be able to learn from such a wonderful person. He along with Terri and of course Bindi have certainly opened my eyes and I have certainly become more aware about conservation and am looking to becoming an active part in it. May God bless you all. Steve will always live on in our hearts and memories and through his work that will be kept on going on for generations to come.

Steve will forever be missed but he will never never ever be forgotten. He was too wonderful a human being to be forgotten. God Bless.



To the Irwin Family and the Staff at Australia Zoo,

My deepest condolences to you all, I cannot imagine the pain and grief you are feeling, and would not presume to know. What I do know is that the Animals lost a great friend, and the World a Conservationist like it had never know before.

Although we will not be able to see or hear his message of conservation anymore, I hope the world will remember what he stood for and what he tried to show us, and continue with his work.

As I watch the reruns on Animal planet I have to smile at the humour he showed and the caring for the animals that was all to prevalent in his voice.

We will all miss you Steve.

Rose Harvey Cocoa FL US


The Irwin Family,

Words cannot describe the way I feel about the lost of Steve a wonderful Husband and father, he touched our hearts with his enthusiasm and huge great passion for the wild life. I watched him on his DVD's and he is one with the animals especially with the croc's, he was amazing to watch, he will be sadly missed.

K. Broderick


My Wife,her sister and myself held a table tapping session last night and Steve came through .
He said that everything is good and going to plan ,Asking what plan,He said ,It was in gods plan that I Show the people of the world about animals and the environment and what's happening and NOW it's up to Bindi to carry on showing the world.
SO to Terri, Bindi, Robert & all of Steve's Family we are truly sorry and saddened but Please hold your heads high, knowing that Steve & (yourself) Terri ARE the chosen ONES. GOD Bless All....Love Shirley Gary & Family.W.A.


Dear Terri, Bindi & Bob,

I just wanted to say how very sorry we all are here in New Zealand for the loss of your beloved husband, father and friend. What a great man Steve was, and we all loved his show over here. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but know that you have people who care and are still in shock as to what happened. They say time is a great healer, so I do pray that be so for you.

God Bless



total respect to a man that can only be compared to george adamson, two real men that walked this earth for not only themselves but for the wildlife that was so very important to them, my heart goes out to the all of you that truely have lost a real father, man and true human being of the highest


To terri,bindi and bob

I was so shocked to here the death of your husband ,Im truely sorry for you and the children and I hope everything works out fine ,I always watched your show on austar ,never missed a show at all. Goodbye for now and you look after your self and the kids.

from debbie collins


Steve Irwin wanted to show the people of the world how to respect and conserve wildlife and their habitat alike. He unselfishly and quietly spent his very existence and millions on filming footage, so we could sit in our lounge rooms and go on a spectacular journey with him and Terri, all the while we were being educated and enlightened on the life of animals. He strived to rehabilitate the human race and the way we co- habitate with the rest of the animal kingdom. It's ironic that in his death he has reached 100's of millions of people around the globe....his message has been delivered loud and clear. It's up to us to not let his passing be in vain. Collectively we can make a huge difference to the conservation of our planet and all who reside here.

To the Irwin family and many friends I hope your days of healing is a short journey.

Proud to be an Aussie
Kerrie and family S.A


A heart of gold stopped beating
Two smiling eyes at rest
Gods garden must be beautiful
He only takes the best


Dear Terri, Bindi & Bob,

My deepest condolences to you all. I am sooooo sorry for your loss, the loss of a wonderful man. A man who has now inspired me to want to help in conservation. To do my bit to help in memory of Steve. I can say that I really have learnt a lot from Steve and so has my son, who is in awe of Steve.

I still cannot believe Steve has passed away. When I get up at night I feel the emptiness, the sadness, the loss and I can’t believe Steve’s gone. My 5 year old son has always adored you all. We have seen Collision Course so many times, I’m amazed the DVD hasn’t broken yet. Every time I see Steve’s face my eyes cloud over and I say in a whisper “God bless you Steve”, till today my son yelled at me “Don’t say that mommy”. I asked why and he responded “Because if you say that, that means he’s dead, I don’t want him dead”. I had to leave the room I was so upset.

May God bless you all.

With all my heart


All the words in the whole world will never be enough to express the deep sadness that it is in my heart today. Australia is in mourning - The whole Planet is in mourning! Not only did Australia loose an icon, Australia and the world lost a legend. The world now is a poorer place to live in. Steve, you were a "True Blue Aussie", a genuine conservationist, a true fighter for the conservation of the wild in the world, a respectable man and a wonderful family man. Steve, you are and always will be an inspiration to all. There will never be another human being capable of doing the wonderful job that you did for the environment and for the preservation of wildlife, with such enthusiasm and such passion in your heart. There will never be anybody suitable enough to fit in your shoes, Mate! It is true, we took you for granted, we thought you were immortal - that you would live forever. You are gone from this world, but you live on - You will live in our hearts forever. We thank you for all the knowledge you shared with us through so many different means of communication. We thank you for instilling in all of us, animal lovers, your passion. We thank you for educating us, and thus the world, with your expertise. Thank you for giving yourself to the world and for allowing us to live through you the most incredible adventures. You'll never be forgotten!! You are an eternal icon and a living legend …you will never die. May God bless you, dear Croc Hunter, and may He keep you in the palm of His hand, in His Glory! My heart goes out to Terri, Bindi and Bob, other family members and close friends. God bless every one of you and give you comfort.
May you rest in peace, Steve!

good by to a true assie hero.


What a huge loss we are all experiencing. I just want to see lots of specials to experience the crocodile hunter and stay there. Sincerest sympathy to Terri, Bindi, and Bob. I wish I could do something to relieve their pain and our pain. Thank you so much for all the chances you are giving us to express our feelings



Dear Terri, Bindi , Bob and Bob senor,
It is not easy to accept that Steve is really gone. We are overwhelmed by sadness and can only imagine the intensity of your pain. We will miss his perspective on the the world and the world will cherish his memories that he brought to us all. We thank you and your family for acknowledging the people through your most difficult time. May God bless you, and please take comfort in the fact that Steve was well loved and will be sadly missed .
You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Tim & Letricia Belford (Hervey Bay)


To Terri, Bindi & Robert and all of Steve’s Family,

No words can express what you must be feeling, we can only hope the memories you have with Steve will somehow help you through this terrible time, my husband and I wish you all the comfort, love and support you will need in the coming months ahead, our thoughts will be with each and every one of you.

With kindest Regard’s,

Bob & Glenda


Dear Terri, Bindi, Bob and Family.

I am a pomme living in Oz (Brisbane), and i and my family in the UK some of whom have visited Australia Zoo would like to send you our deepest sympathy and love.
Steve was a True Australian and will be missed but not forgotten

Best Wishes and Love

Stuart Cole and The Cole Family UK


Dearest Terri,
My heart breaks for you - I feel so so sorry that you lost your wonderful husband & father to your 2 adorable children - you are in our hearts, Terri - we love you & your family, & I really hope to meet you all one day at Australia Zoo!!

Take care of yourself
Love to you all xxoo
Kathie (Sydney, Aus) - I'm half American & Australian like Bindi & Bob!

P.S. Steve gave us all hope, he brought so much good to the world!! He'll will be deeply missed forever!


Here is another tribute song for Steve. I thought some of the people might like it.



I never met you Steve but felt like you were a good friend.
One day I hope to get to visit Australia Zoo. I love watching Bindi doing her thing and I know she will make you and her Mother very proud as she continues your work.Thank you for bringing the animals so close to us. I would also like to say how sorry I am to Terri, Bindi, Bob & Bob snr. To close friends &staff my heartfelt sympathy. Rest in peace Steve & look after the Crocs in Heaven.
Pat Cavell X0X0




Steve Irwin a true aussie hero
one of kind theres no one
else like him may he rest in peace
and deepest symopathy to terry and kids
will be much missed and loved


Dear Terri, Bindi, Bob and Robert Snr,
My name is Nikkita Peacock and I am nine years old. CRIKEY !! this is terrible news about Steve. My family and I are very sorry for the tragedy and we send our sympathies and love to you.
Bindi and Bob, I know how you both must be feeling because I lost my Dad when I was four years old. I am sending this message from the heart and we say a prayer for you all every night. As a family you will all grow to be strong as my family did. I love you all and think of you everyday. Steve has taught us so much about animals and the environment and I will respect that forever.
Love Nikkita, Sarah and Jade Peacock


To The Crocodile Hunters Family.
I feel sorry for Steve Irwin and Terri an Bindi and Bob

Jaike Coulthard
Quorn Area School
Quorn 5433


Even though he was a very busy man, Steve took the time to shake my husband's hand on a trip to Australia Zoo and it made his day. My husband is from England, is in his 60's and is very hard to impress but he thought Steve was just great. I am Australian and remember watching one of the first documentaries years ago. Terri fell off the boat and into the water with the crocodiles. I thought - Wow ! He's got some woman there !
They were such a great team and together you could see the love they had for each other. It would radiate out from the screen.
I am a teacher. If all parents showed the love and care that Steve and Terry have given to their children, the world would be a much better place.
Nancy and John ( Logan QLD )






To the Irwin Family

The memorial was truly inspirational and just as we would imagine Steve would like it. You must all be so proud of him.

My husband died at 44 last year leaving two young daughters behind (8 & 10). We know first hand what you may have to face in the near future. To be in the public eye is an added blessing and challenge, I’m sure. My Mum died a week ago at 85 and it is different. We don’t feel like we were robbed, but rather the life cycle doing it’s thing. 44 IS too young and all the words in the world won’t help the pain and shock you all must be feeling right now. I have just finished a workshop all about life’s purpose, mission, vision and passion. Steve was mentioned as one of the world’s finest examples of following his passion and spreading it across the world. What an achievement! Obviously his family was his first passion and they have strength and passion in abundance.

You will be in our thoughts always.

The Lee Family, Brisbane Queensland


Dear Terri, Bindi and Bob

I think the whole world feels for you at this time. Terri you had the best friend anyone could have. Honest, funny and genuineand caring. Thank God for what you had and will forever hold in your heart, Steve will always be with you.

Ann Garstone


Dear Terri, Bindi and Bob I am so sorry for what has happend . Steve was my role model. My family went to visit your Zoo when we were in Australia 3 years ago and I was so happy to touch a snake. Since then I have been really ken to become a vet when I grow up. So thank you all for giving me that experience.

Hannah Walsh


Dearest Terri, Bindi Sue, Little Bob, & Big Bob:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Our whole family expresses deepest sympathy for your loss of Steve. We recognized Steve as a most remarkable and loving husband, father, son, and human being over the years.

Steve left an impression on the entire world that will never be forgotten. He was a hero not only to his family and to animals, but also to the world for his wholesomeness, unselfish sharing of himself, his love of animals, and evident and shining love for his family.

We have watched your family grow over the years with great pride. We have watched in awe at everything you've accomplished. We have watched as each of you have become a part of our family in in so many ways.

Our family, from youngest to oldest, holds each of you in our hearts and prayers for your continued strength and healing. We know that Steve's legacy will continue on into the future through each of you.

We will never forget Steve, or any of you. Steve will live forever in our hearts, our memories, and our souls.

God Bless you all.

Sincerely and respectfully, The Sisco Family, El Dorado Hills, CA, USA


Dear terry and familey. im very sorry to here what has happened to your familey. I have 3 young children and when something happens it really makes you think how lucky we are to be here. you have a very strong family and it will be very hard for a long time but like Steve said when his mum died, you owe that person to get up and live life. you will never be alone. he is with you all. thinking of you all. from d.wilson. melbourne


Hi Terri, Bindi, and Bob, My prayers are with you all I cant express enough how sad I am on Steves death I will miss him so much he was a great guy with alot of passion in his heart. May God be with you all.

Mary Secundino


Hey Terri Bindi, baby Bob and family
We are so sorry to hear of Steve's passing he was a great aussie with a true heart. Terri you were lucky to have been married to such a great man. Bindi i aggree with your speech at the memorial sevice. You really did have the best dad in the world. You were very brave to go up and speek to all those people. And Baby Bob i really do feel sorry for you as you did not a great del of time with your dad. To the rest of the family, you were lucky to be in the same family as this wonderful man. As Steve woulod say CRIKEY!! He will be rembered as Australias and the Worlds Croc Hunter and a son. I loved Steve and i cried for you and your family. As John Howard said" Australia's arms are out for a hug" mine are out for you.
RIP Steve guys
Love Hayley Batchelor Melbourne Victoria

Bindi and Bob are so cute. He loved you so much guys





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